Detailed sex stories, I have so many, and today is no different.

Detailed sex stories: Today, I’m highlighting my skills with a nice oral sex story “how to”.  Last night I used the following skills on Jeremy and blew his mind. I bet I was all he dreamed about and he’s craving me right this second.

Detailed sex stories can be very helpful to those who need it. You see, women always go for the dick and forget that balls need attention too.

 Small ones are nice but big, heavy ones full of cum are the best. They feel so good in my mouth and I love listening to the sounds he makes as I suck and lick them. I usually do it while giving a handjob or I’ll stop and fondle his balls while finishing off with a blowjob but Jeremy was too horny to do that.

We were in the middle of the bedroom and undressing each other when I pulled his boxers down and his dick popped up in the air. I knelt in front of him and gave his dick a couple of strokes as I leaned forward and breathed in his manly smell.

(Remember, detailed sex stories. You should know where this is going)

 I stuck my tongue out and licked his big, cum filled balls while he got harder in my fist. Putting my mouth around one of his balls and slowly sucked on it while I stroked his inner thigh and rubbed his ball by my mouth. I could feel his fingers pulling my hair as I rolled his ball in my mouth and rubbed my tongue over it.

 Thinking of all the cum in him and couldn’t wait to taste it but he went to his dick before I could. I was nibbling on his ball when he started jerking off, doing it slowly right in my face so I kept touching him instead. I slid my hand between his legs as I popped his ball out of my mouth and sucked on his other one.

Rubbing my finger over the crease of his balls then went lower to his taint. I massaged it gently as his dick and balls got played with and I could hear him breathing louder. He was saying things like “Oh God.” and “Mmm, yeah.” and I knew he was the type of guy who liked his ass played with when he rocked his hips forward.

My finger accidentally touched his asshole and I looked up at him.

He had a desperate look on his face and I stared into his eyes as I rubbed his hole. He nodded at me as he panted and I pushed the tip of it into him as I went back to sucking and licking his balls. His hole was tight and I could only get a little bit of my finger in him so I did what I could, pumping it and rubbing him enough so he could feel it.

 He spread his legs wider apart and my finger went in up to the knuckle while he kept jerking off. Now and again his dick would hit my cheek and I could feel wet drops of pre-cum smear on me. I fingered his ass harder as I used my lips to lightly pull down on his balls and his groans got louder.

His fist was moving constantly and he could barely talk as he told me he was about to cum. I shoved my finger up his ass and felt his balls inch up as he held my face against him. He groaned loudly and came hard, blobs of cum splattering all over me. It landed on my face and in my hair, making me all wet and nasty.

I slid my finger out of his ass and made him gasp as I licked a string of cum off his dick. “My turn,” I said as I stood up and pulled him to the bed.

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