It’s time for another of Princess Gracie’s Detailed Sex Stories!!!

Let me tell you one of my Awesome Fantastic Super Fabulous Detailed Sex Stories about a sexy little Princess Named Michelle!! Well… That’s what his name became (But I will get to that later)!!! Once upon a time in a land far away (Chicago), There was this Sweet Sexy Barely Legal Teen Domme, named Gracie! Well, one day Gracie (That’s me) was sitting in her Bedroom. She was looking out the window at her neighbor’s house when something of interest caught her eye!!

So, She noticed that her Mommy was standing in the upstairs bedroom window with nothing on, NOW Mommy didn’t realize that her little protegé was watching everything!! Mommy had Michael, Daddy’s Best Friend!! All dressed up in the prettiest pink princess dress I have ever seen, and it even had tons of pretty pink bow and frilly lace all over it!! Although, the best part is, Mommy made him bend over, and he had on a Frilly pink Thong to match!!!

So as I sat at my window watching all the dirty naughty things Mommy was making Daddy’s Best Friend do, I was contemplating on whether or not I should tell Daddy about what I had Seen!! I mean, after all, this was MOMMY Playing with his best friend! I knew that it was wrong but I just couldn’t stop watching the show! Although I did wonder if they knew the blinds were open. Allowing themselves to be on display for anyone looking to see!

So, I sat there wondering to myself if I should tell Daddy and break him and Mommy up so I can have him all to myself… I love having my super special alone time with Daddy!!!!

I mean, after all, I am a phone sex Daddy’s Girl!!

That’s when I noticed it!! Guess what I saw next!!!!!
I’m Not Tellin!! Because You Are Totally Going To Have To Come Find Out For Yourself!!!!

So, Stay tuned for more Detailed Sex Stories by hot princesses with that cotton candy voice