One of my detailed sex stories about an epic Happy Ending is waiting for you. I love giving men Happy Endings by teasing and tempting them to want more. It’s about pleasing men, as well as being pleased. Imagine the sensual control, especially when you don’t know what to expect. Can you handle my detailed sex stories about Happy Endings?

I want you to close your eyes and relax, as you imagine yourself in my presences. A hand job is a highly erotic tease that might put you over the edge. Make yourself comfortable, as you enter my world of paradise. Imagine the mental stimulation of our conversation, as you experience a mind-blowing orgasm.

Lay back and listen to one of my detailed sex stories of an epic hand job and a happy ending. The view of me undressing for you will be mind-blowing. Feel the heat escape from me, as I run my body up and down yours. Watch in the full-length mirror, as I massage your cock with my soft manicured hands. The warmth and gentle pressure of my fingers will stimulate not only your body but your mind. My body drifts over yours, as I press seductively and softly into your body.

You can feel and see my naked body, as I please you. Every part of your body craves my touch, as I push your senses to the edge. Slowly kissing your erotic areas. My lips glide against your ear, as I release a sensuous sigh of pleasure, The sexy breaths, drive you insane, as I leave a trail of hot kisses down your body. I love when you get rough with me and grab my hair in your hands and dirty talk with me.

The most crucial factor in a great Happy Ending is using the whole body with an element of surprise. Firmly gripping a cock and stroking with a perfect rhythm is really important. A key element is switching it up every time. My hand grasps your penis I use my fingers to really simulate the softness and tightness. Slowly starting at the very tip and expand my fingers to release the same pressure, as I glide up and down your shaft. It’s the complete package of arousal, as I use my other hand to run my nails in soft swirling circles over your balls and inner thighs.

Slowly you slide your body on top of mine. Slipping your cock between my perky tits. I continue swirling my fingers steadily over the head of your penis, while simultaneously stroking your shaft with my cleavage. When you are about to cum, I take your cock into my mouth while running my nails along your balls. It feels so good. You can’t hold on, as you pull out and explode all over my tits.

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