Detailed Sex Stories are a must have with phone sex.

Men love calling me for my detailed sex stories. The number one feedback that I get from my callers is that my attention to detail makes phone fucking with me feel SO REAL. It makes phone sex so much better when a woman knows what she is doing when she can use her imagination and make it feel like you are really there. Men want to experience phone sex with their entire body, not just their ears.

I will fuck the shit out of you with my words…

You will feel me, on my knees in front of you. Slowly spreading your legs wide open as I run my hands up your thighs. My finger tips lightly tracing their way along your skin until they finally find your cock. I stroke and gently rub your balls, licking the tip of your cock to tease you. In your mind you are going fucking crazy, waiting for the moment that I finally dive down on your dick. You want me to deep throat you and it’s all you can think about.

That moment that my mouth finally wraps around the head of your cock feels so amazing. My lips feel warm and wet, they feel succulent and juicy while they work on that crank. I suck on the head of your dick like a piece of candy, sucking on it and popping it out of my mouth. I let the spit run down your shaft so that I can pump you with both hands.

And then, without warning, I dive all the way down on your dick so that you are so far in my mouth that I am licking your balls. I slide all the way down and then pop you out of my mouth again….

See what I mean? Can you feel it?

On another note, when you are trapped at work or the wife is home, cybersex is the perfect way to get naughty. It looks like you are just checking your phone or your email when really you are receiving filthy messages tailored to your likes and turn ons. You get a personalized fuck session from a nympho whore that you know is getting off on the other end too.

Just saying… you can have what you want whenever you want.

Hot Phone Sex!