Cunt. I love mine. My housemate destroyed it. When I moved into my new place, I didn’t realize it was going to be the quietest from the bunch of my male housemates who would really fuck me up the worst. We didn’t speak much for the first few days, in fact, we barely communicated apart from the odd hello as we passed in the hallway or communal areas. But, as usual, I fluttered my eyelashes and finally made him open up. I didn’t realize what a can of worms I was opening though.

I was feeling super lonely one night, and so I asked my roommate Rick to come and watch a movie with me. He came into my bedroom and we did watch the movie, smoke some weed, and laugh our asses off. But as we were lying there suddenly the atmosphere between us changed. He looked at me differently, really close to my face, into my eyes.

He stroked a piece of hair out of my face, put his hand underneath my chin and kissed me.

It’s usually not a good idea to shit on your own doorstep. As men tend to start developing feelings for me, when I just want to get fucked really good with no strings attached. But, I got caught in the moment and before I knew it he was on top of me. We were making out really passionately and dummy fucking, his hard cock rubbing against my
pussy through our trousers.

It was getting hot and heavy, and I reached down and pressed my hand into the front of his pants, under his boxer shorts and wrapped my hand around one of the biggest, hardest cocks I’ve ever felt between my fingers. I was shocked. He’s a skinny white boy who is actually a few inches shorter than me, so as you can imagine I was taken aback, and I definitely was not expecting that!

So as you know what a slut I am. Once I felt that huge, hard and throbbing cock it was game time.

He undid his zipper, and I saw it for the first time. The thing was MASSIVE. At least 11 inches long and I could barely touch my long nails together around it. I wanted it inside me, badly. I tried to move my head down to suck it. He flipped me over into the spoon position and roughly ripped my trousers down to my knees. With one hand he held my ass cheek open and with the other. He spat a huge glob of spit and rubbed it onto my pussy.

When he shoved it into me all the way to the base, it took my breath away, and I had to stifle a scream so the other boys we live with wouldn’t hear my moaning. Without warning, he began to pound me harder and deeper than I’ve ever been fucked. He grabbed my thigh and lifted my leg up and when he did. I swear he touched my cervix with the tip of his cock. I was making so much noise by this time he had to clamp a hand over my mouth, then shoved four fingers into it, making me choke on them.

He pumped me so hard and I could tell he was going to cum, and I’ve never had a dick that big or deep in my cunt before.

So I had to spit his fingers out and tell him I wasn’t on any form of birth control. He just grabbed my hair, pulled my head back. Unloaded the biggest amount of cum into my cunt. It spilled out before he even withdrew, running down to my asshole, leaving a huge wet patch on my bed.

He took his dick out and rolled me over, so we were eye to eye, and said softly “This is going to happen again and we will have PhoneSex, but keep your whore mouth closed to all the other housemates otherwise this is the last time you’re going to get this cock inside your cunt, and I could tell how much you love it.”

And with that, he pulled up his pants, picked up his weed, and simply said “Goodnight slut.”
I like my new living situation, although I might be pregnant.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke