“Desnudate” Get Naked said Officer Blake! (Part 2)

Officer Blake asked me to step out of the car and stand against it, facing the car. She started to pat me down, she seemed extra thorough. She turned me around and started to get really flirty with me. Saying things like, “Regina, I did not know you liked pussy. You should of told me. I have a tight little cunt. Even after having three kids.” and “You have grown into such a beautiful woman. I bet you fuck like a women, can’t you?”

I flirted back. It is just in my nature to flirt. I really can’t help it. Then my friend threw on her panties and t-shirt and jumped out of the car. “Are you hitting up on my girl, puta?” She angrily said. Blake gave her a look and said, “You need to watch your tone when talking to an officer.” They began to argue and I cut in, “Your girl? I am not your girl. We are just fucking. That is it.” My friend just looked at me, brushed it off and went back to arguing with the cop.

Finally Blake got fed up, “What is your name?”

“What you want to know my name for?” My friend said.

“Either you can give me your name now or or you can give me our name down at the station.”

So My friend gave her name to the cop. “Christina María Josefina Sanchez-Hernandez. But I go by Chris.”

The cop got on her radio and ran her name. She then walked back to us with a huge smile on her face. “You are on probation. What are you doing out?”

Chris look’s at her with an attitude in her voice, “So I can pick up bitches, estúpida.”

Officer Blake got in her face and said, “Drop that attitude or I will take you down to the station where there are plenty of ‘bitches’ to pick up. But trust me their pussy’s will not be as clean, OR tight as Regina and my pussy. You have one of two choices. You can either get in the back of my car and we can take a nice ride downtown. Or, we can get in the back of your car and you can convince me not to call your probation officer. What will it be?”

I let out a tiny laugh. Then Officer Blake turned to me, “Oh, Regina. You are not home free yet. Listen up girls. It is very hard to make me cum. So if you girls can assist me in getting off. Then I will let you both go with a warning. If not, then you will both have to come to with me to my house. I had a jail built into my basement. Get my drift sluts?”

The sun was almost up. My jaw was killing from all the cunt I was eating. I was tired and ready to give up. But then Officer Blake sat up, got dressed, exited the car the said, “Get in girls, it’s going to be a long, wet, day.”

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