I Deserve A Little Hair Pulling!

Looking for phone sex that’s a little on the wild side? Not afraid to push the limits of taboo thinking and experimenting? It’s a good day to meet me then. I’m the hardcore little slut you’ve only ever imagined about. Rough sex, biting, spanking, hair pulling, name calling, humiliation I’m the number #1 bitch for it. My tolerance for pain can be unreal and it’s time you see for yourself.

You think because I’m so petite and young that that makes me fragile in some weird way? Fuck no! I’m a wet sucker for vulgarity. It makes me want to rub one out right now! I’m guaranteeing that every time you call me I’ve been up to know good. The natural rebel in me has come alive and I need a man who’s going to tame me! Or at least try…I put up a good fight! I make you earn this young pink pussy…to dominate and completely wreck if that’s what you’ve been yearning for. Don’t be shy, or I’m going to have to show you how I really love it. Leave a mark on me. That territory needs to be claimed by you and I dare you to take the plunge!

You’d never have a problem getting it up around me

I force that cock to attention with my young sweet voice, and sour ways! I just don;t know when to quit and I always know how to coax the aggression out of a man. I deserve a slap in the face for all my bad mouthing, and flirting with other guys. I have to remember who I belong to. I think the best way to remind me is to pull me by my hair down to my knees to deep throat your cock, I can take the hint! I just love angering you…making you erupt with rage and to take it out on me!

I like bring a little too flirtatious with other guys while we’re out just to take the punishment once we get home. I’m a fucking bitch I know. Does this little slut need to be tied down to make sure she doesn’t go anywhere. Then fucking do it! I’m all for pleasing and serving my man, but I’m going to have a little fun first. If you’re looking for phone sex that’s unconventional and always creative I’m the versatile bad girl you’ve been in search for. I welcome all role plays and taboos, kinky thoughts and perverted fantasies. I may be a wild child but for you I’m as discreet as I need to be. And fuck yeah I’m ready to party. If you’re wondering if I can hang on for the ride my answer is…can YOU hang on for MY ride? Keep up big boy, we’ve only just begun!

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