I am a depraved school girl who is just craving your cock so badly.

Who are you to deny the depraved school girl next door of what she really wants? I mean… you wouldn’t do that.

Every day on my walk home from school, I see you staring at me. Your eyes really focus in on me when I am walking with my friends.

All three of us live really close to you. We all have long blonde hair and are usually in matching blue jean shorts. The shorts are so short that you wonder how we can get away with that at school, but you aren’t the only older guy to admire us.

We have lots of teachers who love to watch us all day long while we walk the halls.

Of all of the three girls you saw, you liked me the best. I always knew you were watching, and I made sure to put on a show.

It was our own little secret show. I started to move my hips for you once we walked past your house. Your eyes were fixed on my butt even though I was still much younger than you. Watching me was even better than the college girl porn you had on your computer.

You didn’t care that you had a wife at home. You wanted me so badly.

A few days pass and you got more eager to see me every time I walk by your house. And the perfect moment happened when I came to your house out of nowhere. I was starting my own babysitting service (and not for the kids). When I arrived at your house to give you my new flyer, I was wearing a very short skirt and a short top that clearly showed off my midriff. I even looked like a depraved school girl. I knew full well that you didn’t have any kids, or even any family with kids. But I wanted an excuse to talk to you.

I introduced myself as the girl next door. I acted completely innocent instead of the depraved school girl you saw walking home every day. For some reason, that just turned you on even more.

You loved that I could act so innocent with my face and words while my body was telling a completely different story. You took my flyer from me, and I got pretty close to you.

Once you told me you didn’t have kids, but you still wanted to talk about different services, my cheeks started getting red.

But I still followed you into your house, knowing your wife wasn’t coming back until night time.

You knew this was a rare opportunity. It was always so hard to get me alone without my friends or better yet, my parents.

So you took full advantage of the situation. You took my hand and lead me into your kitchen while asking if I wanted anything to drink.

“Just water,” I said trying to act a little nervous.

The cabinet door opened up and you started pouring me something. I knew it wasn’t water.

“C’mon, Olivia. Don’t act like I don’t know what you want. Relax and have some fun with me.” you said confidently.

I wasn’t in denial about the reason I came over. In fact, I actually hate kids. And that babysitting flyer is a one and done thing to give you my phone number.

But I wasn’t about to tell you any of my naughty secrets. I just knew that I wanted you to seduce me.

I need you to be the perverted married man next door to who I gave my virginity too. Once I took a full gulp of whatever was in the cup you gave me, you start to kiss me hard.

I didn’t fit back at all. I started kissing you back, hard.

You quickly pulled my shirt up over my head before I had time to say anything. You look down only to find out that I’m not wearing a bra at all, and my budding breasts are so perky and round.

Then, you start kissing down my neck and feel me move closer to you. It’s obvious now how badly I want you.

You glance at the clock and realize you have hours with me, and you plan to tease me the entire time I’m over at your house.

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