Some popular pizza delivery services offer a free pizza if it takes more than 30 minutes to come to your house after ordering. What if it was free if you could get the pizza man to cum in under 30 minutes? Honestly, this would be a great business strategy for two reasons. One, it would be easier to find employees, because every man would love the opportunity to deliver a pizza to a newly divorced slut down the street craving some saucy sex. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be that delivery man fucked for a 2 topping medium? Two, it would bring more business. If you think about it, a lot of lonely, vulnerable women would order a pizza just to have a hard cock in their mouths.

Extra Cheese, Please!

To add on to this business proposal, you could give rewards for adding things to your order. If that slutty girl wants something special, like to be fucked in the ass by a specific driver, she might have to add 3 toppings and a side of breadsticks. It sounds silly at first, but how many cock hungry women wouldn’t go ahead and upsize their order. That is making the company money, and the employees very happy.

As long as we’re thinking of ideas, they could have a separate “NSFW” menu for spicy add-on’s. You typically wouldn’t see these options in foodservice. Things like tiny vibrators, lube, cock rings, etc.  There would also have to be a policy in place for if the delivery man fucked up the order. Maybe then, not only is the pizza free, but he has to eat the customers’ pussy until she cums in his mouth. This would leave most women praying they get their order wrong.

Double The Meats!

There could also be an option for all the multiple meat lovers out there!! That’s right, I’m talking threesomes! It would be called the “Two Meat Pounder Lover”, and it would be exactly what they would want. Two hot sexy delivery men showing up to your house, with a succulent large meat pizza and both of them for the appetizer. I don’t know a woman who wouldn’t be dripping wet at the thought of two pizza boys fucking her, hard. Taking one cock deep down their throat and another crammed right in their ass. Sound’s like a tasty meal to me!

My Delivery Man Fucked Me In All My Holes

Of course, this makes me think about what I would order. I think I would definitely order the double meat that way my mouth could get fucked as well. However, I would need one of them to fuck my tight ass. Anal has always been a kink of mine. To have a pizza boy rail my ass while I swallow the other driver’s cum, well, that would make any girl order a pizza! Not to mention, this opens a whole new meaning of “food play”. Just imagine the look on their face when I drip that warm sauce over their shaft and suck it all off.

You might be wondering, what is phone sex and how could we roleplay this? Give me a call and I will show you everything!