How many times have you thought of sex with a delivery driver?

I was expecting a delivery from an online shopping spree that I treated myself to. I was pretty excited to get my sexy new outfits in the mail. Being home alone was never an issue but when the delivery driver rang my doorbell I was freaking out a little bit. I had been in the middle of one of my sexy calls and had just got done having one hell of an orgasm. I wasn’t sure how long he had been on my porch but when I opened the door I’m pretty sure I had my answer.

The look on his face was a mix between turned on and surprised. He looked me up and down and smiled appreciatively as he told me that he had a delivery for me. Smiling back I started to take my package from him but he held onto it. I tried to pull it from his hands but he tugged back a little. The playful tug of war we had going on started to worry me a little bit. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind but he quickly answered that when he said that it sounded like I was a little busy when he came to the door and hoped that he hadn’t interrupted anything.

I laughed a little bit and explained to him that I am a phone sex operator and that cumming multiple times a day while I play with myself on the phone is not uncommon. So I apologized for any awkwardness that he felt and he just started to laugh. He said that there wasn’t anything awkward about it; in fact he thought it was hot as fuck. He explained that being a delivery driver he hears all kinds of things but this one was a first.

He was pretty hot and even though I had just had an orgasm it had been a little while since I had one from an actual cock. I asked if he’d like to come in out of the heat and take a little break. He stepped in the door and that’s when I saw the bulge in his pants. This was going to be one hell of a delivery!! If you want to know what happened, give me a call!! I can’t wait to share how naughty I got with the UPS delivery driver!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke