Delayed Gratification – A Taste of My Own Teasing!

My Dom gave me a taste of my own medicine last night. We all know that I’m a fan of delayed gratification – at least, when I’m the one in charge of delaying the gratification of someone else! What can I say, I’m a natural born cock tease! But last night? It was MY turn. When he entered the play room, I was on my knees by the door, as I have been trained; hands in my lap, head bowed. Patiently waiting to find out what he had in store for me.

He walked in and though I love the figure he cuts upon his entrance, so tall, graceful, and strong – I was a good girl, keeping my eyes fixed on the floor per his command. I could hear him rustling around behind me, and I knew he was getting out restraints. What type, and for what purpose, I had no clue. But I was positive he had something specific on his mind, as we never enter the playroom without a purpose. I had no idea that he was about to teach me a lesson in delayed gratification! I didn’t even know what delayed gratification was until this night.

He ordered my hands behind my back, and immediately I felt my wrists being cinched tightly together with a zip tie.

He pulled me up by it, my arms straining painfully. I’m a fairly well-trained little submissive, so I didn’t cry out loud. A small whimper formed inside my closed lips, but that was all. I felt myself being pulled backward. I stumbled, but his big, strong hands caught me, righted me; then jerked me backwards again. I was falling. At least it felt like I was falling. But he was in complete control of my body, as usual. I was planted roughly on my knees and bent over my special bench, custom made to just the right height for spanking my juicy round ass.

My pussy got immediately wet, thinking that I was going to be bound and spanked. Alas, he had something much more deliciously devious in mind for me. I felt the spreader bar being put in place at my ankles, to keep my legs spread wide apart as I knelt. Face down on the bench, I could feel the rough bite of a length of rope being pulled tight around my torso – binding me fast to the bench. Whatever was coming, he didn’t want me wriggling away to get relief.

I start to worry a little; a tiny bead of sweat forming on my upper lip. At the same time, I could feel the wetness of my pussy starting to leak down my inner thigh. I heard a low chuckle from behind me, and felt the sting of his bare hand on me ass – letting me know that he too, noticed how sloppy and wet I was before we even started.

My eager little slut girl” his soothing, sexy voice teased from behind me.

He got up to get something out of our play chest, but he was out of my line of sight. I wondered which implement he would start with to spank me. Paddle? Riding crop? Bare hand? A cool breeze brushed across my exposed, dripping-wet pussy and my body shivered all over. Another low chuckle from behind me as he observed this. Then… quiet. The minutes seemed to tick by, each one felt like an hour! As I waited, the weight of my body made  my knees feel like they were boring holes into the hardwood floor. A whisper of movement behind me. Yessss! Finally! I braced myself for the first sharp sting on my tender ass.

It didn’t come. 

The next thing I heard was the loud vibrating sound of the powerful wand he sometimes uses to tease my pussy before, during, and after he gives his little pain slut some of what she needs. My head tried to turn on my neck then, to look behind me; which earned me a smart, stinging slap on my cheek. I felt the head of the wand suddenly press roughly against my aching, sensitive pussy. I jumped; and squirmed, but I was tied up tight. There was no getting away from the sudden and intense contact. He laughed as I squirmed, knowing I couldn’t escape. I felt the flat of one strong palm against the small of my back; pushing down firmly, holding me still.

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even squirm.

All I could do was take the nearly painful sensation he was overloading my sensitive pussy with. Soon enough, instead of trying to wiggle away from it, I was pushing backwards against it. Riding the waves of pleasure it was wringing out of me. I was too lost in the powerful sensation to stop and wonder why we were here. I was so close though. My pussy was aching. Throbbing. I worked desperately towards the sweet release my body craved. His hand was massaging my lower back now, as if encouraging me to release. Finally, it was here! Every muscle in my body pulled tight. I was riding the edge of my orgasm. Almost there… almost there!

And then? He stopped. He turned off the wand and I heard it drop to the floor! I couldn’t help it, an audible whimper escaped me, and my bottom was still squirming around, almost as if trying to move enough to push my over the edge and allow me to cum. His flat palm smacked hard against one ass cheek. “Greedy girl, aren’t you?” He teased. “Do you want more?” The word YES! came tumbling out of my mouth over and over, even before he finished asking the question. “Yes Sir! Oh PLEASE Sir! Please! Please let me cum Sir!” Another silent pause, and then suddenly, the wand was forced tightly against my slutty wet pussy, and turned on, full power.

I gritted my teeth and groaned at the sudden rush of sensations. But soon, I was once again humping backwards against it.

Mouth slack and open, eyes unfocused, once again on the verge of my orgasm. I began to pant frantically, a soft whimpering moan escaping my lips here and there. SO fucking close! I need it! I feel my pussy clench tight; all set to let loose and cum hard. Once again, he pulled it away and turned it off. “Noooo nonono PLEASE Sir!” I wailed, a bit like a small child. Knew it would annoy him, but I just couldn’t help myself. I begged. I pleaded. And all the while a low, pleased chuckle came from behind me. I was so desperate I was nearly on the verge of a trantrum. THAT would be unwise. I tried hard to calm myself; my breathing finally slowing. Finally, I spoke 2 words, breathing into the silence of the room. “Why, Sir?

“Oh Jenna.” His soothing words washed over me. “You so enjoy sensually teasing and tormenting others. I thought you deserved a little taste of delayed gratification! We’re just getting started, my sweet little eager slut. I’m going to tease you over. And over. And over. Edging you right to the brink of orgasm – then backing off and making you wait. Patience is a virtue that you frequently teach to others. Tonight is your turn. I’m going to spend HOURS showing you. Then… after I’m satisfied that you understand – I will make you cum harder than you’ve ever cum in your life. And you’re going to thank me.

delayed gratification, was it worth the wait? Call me and I’ll tell you! Even better, instead of telling you, I’ll just SHOW you!

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