As I said, for the sake of my story we are calling him Nick. He and I are regulars. We talk all the time and I am working my sexy ass off to find him an opportunity he can’t mess up. This man is still living with his parents and lives in  mommy’s sheltered world. Furthermore, he enjoys being her good boy most of the time. However, it is time for deflowering mature male virgin sex.

Of course, he is 27 years old and his cock is ready for some ripe pussy. There is no logical reason he isn’t getting laid. I believe he is in love with Mommy and would prefer she pop his cherry. That isn’t an option with Daddy living with them. Additionally, I think Mommy has feelings for Nick too.

One thing is certain, it is time for the deflowering mature male virgin sex to happen!

There is no religious reason, no physical reason, or other logical obstacles other than his own mental obstacles. Since we have been talking, I was feeling sympathy for him. Now, it is time for him to grow a pair. Since Mommy isn’t an option it is time we find him another woman to have sex with. He is going to man up and dip his dick in a warm, wet pussy.

I am doing the searching now instead of Nick. It is time a real woman is in charge of this deflowering mature male virgin excursion. There are a lot of options with dating sites that offer hook-ups now. Not everyone is looking for a lifetime connection. Of course, one of my biggest fears is him falling in love with his first lay.

Motherfucker will think she is perfect even if she is a dirty slut.

The bonus with me and my Nympho MILF Phone Sex sessions is teaching him how to read women. He is naive and unsure about women. By spending time with me, I am prepping him to be ready and more knowledgeable about today’s world and the female population. At first, after his deflowering mature male virgin sex, I want him out there fucking his brains out and enjoying the thrill of getting laid. In time, he can settle down with a nice girl.

Hell, once he is no longer a virgin, I am inviting him to one of my Amazing MILF Gangbang parties! It will be a while before he’s up to that kind of sex. These parties have at least eight men attending to fill all my holes. Nick might be a little overwhelmed and intimidated by all that cock in the room at the same time. Makes me laugh out loud just imagining his face at the party.

In time he will be ready.

This guy has waited over a quarter of a century for sex. It is past time to get some good pussy. Some of the ladies I am finding are hot but not as experienced as I want for him. I also want him to fuck a sexy MILF that is horny as hell. We tend to rock the cock like no other woman. We are moms that love our boys and lots of others as well. When we decide to give our time to someone it is one hell of a gift.

My tight pussy will bring any man to his knees and my kinky sexual skills will keep him there. I am like no other and that is why I am not going to be the first for Nick. He needs an average MILF to rock his world for his deflowering mature male virgin session. If it were me, he would never leave me alone. He would be addicted and unable to separate that addiction from love.

It happens with even the most experienced of men.

Luckily, I am good at keeping them level headed and in the game for fun, not permanent stakes. It is fun to be naughty and the guys need to realize we are only playing dirty games. The gangbangs and cum slut parties are all a blast. Then, I like the married guys that go home and fuck their wives like they are newlyweds. Fall in love with her again, Baby.

With Nick, there is no wife, yet. First, we get him laid. Then, we let him go wild, and finally, we find him a great woman to settle down and fuck for a lifetime. What about you? What is your story? Can you relate to Nick or are you a beast in the bedroom? Want to come and play with this wild MILF? Call me now!

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