Deep dick, rough sex and heart pounding orgasms: what more could a girl ask for?

Deep dick is a requirement for me these days. I used to be the type of girl who preferred sweet, mellow sex exclusively. Things have changed for me over the years and my tastes have evolved. I now really enjoy deep dick and rough, adventurous sex very much. I don’t always have to have it, but when I do, I love it.

The only thing I enjoy more than a good dicking down in my pussy is a second dick pounding away in my asshole. I get off hard on double penetration. That feeling of being exquisitely full is incredible. Both lovers giving me the deep dick I crave.

This afternoon I got fucked in the best way possible. My boyfriend invited one of his old college roommates over and we had an excellent time. We went to brunch, chilled at the beach and then came back to my place for some more drinks.
One thing leads to another, as is often the case, and we all started fooling around. My boyfriend is very familiar with my taste for rough sex and he leads by example. He forced me to my knees and pulled out his hard dick. Taking me by the back of my head he shoved his dick into my open, eager mouth. His friend immediately joined in, taking out his huge, hard dick. I reached over and began to jerk him off as my boyfriend face fucked me.

I pulled him closer to me and took him into my wet mouth as well.

Once I got their dicks feeling really good, I knew I was in for a wild ride. My pussy was dripping wet with excitement. First, my boyfriend thrust his cock deep inside of me with force. The pleasure was intense and instant. I could hardly breathe knowing what was going to happen next.

I felt his friend move into position behind.

Rubbing lube unto my puckered little asshole and his dick, he gave me no preparation and just went for it. Shoving all 8 inches of him inside of my tight hole. The feeling was incredible.  A little pain and a whole lot of pleasure. I loved being sandwiched between their strong chest, feeling their cocks slam inside of me. Rubbing against each other through my walls.

It did not take long at all for us to reach our climaxes. They both came deep inside of me while riding out my intense, long orgasm. It felt like it went on forever, just waves and waves of pleasure washing over me.

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