Master/Slave contracts are not, by any means, boilerplate documents.  However, they do contain the same information; things like rules and punishments, the roles of both the slave and the master, etc.

Contracts are not usually drawn up for a 1 hour scene, or even a multi-hour scene, really, unless one of the parties wants to be sure that everyone involved knows exactly what is expected of them.

(If you would like to know more about what *exactly* is contained in a “typical” Master/Slave contract, take a peek at this site: )

The part of the whole contract “process” that really fascinates me is the portion (more like a questionnaire!) about Limits.  And don’t even get me started about the “limits list” that was in the “50 Shades” book.  It was not nearly as comprehensive as the list that I found during my research! 😉

This list has to be at LEAST 10 pages when printed out.  It is ALPHABETIZED (what?!) and covers things I didn’t even contemplate as a request (I just did them!).  The Slave is to go through the list, marking activities off on a 10 point scale (Not Applicable, Curious, Essential, Love, Like, Don’t Mind, Dislike, Hate, Soft Limit and Hard Limit). (Check it out here:

What’s a Soft/Hard Limit?  Good question!

A Soft Limit is something that you’d consider trying and then decide whether or not to add it to your list of activities.

A Hard Limit is something that one of the parties will *not* tolerate.

Here’s another term you might not know: Requirement Limit.  This is something that one of the parties will not do a scene without. (“Ass play is a must-limit for me” or “I will take a spanking, but aftercare is a must-limit”)

There, of course, is also Time Limit, but we all know what that one means 😉