Here are some Fun Facts about Domination and Submissive play:

–        about 30% of participants in BDSM activities are females

–        89% of heterosexual females (who are active in BDSM) said that they enjoy being submissive and that they prefer a dominant male

–        71% of heterosexual males preferred a dominant role

So, what *IS* dominance?  Most people that the relationship between a dominant and submissive (D/s) is one of bondage and punishment.  This is not always the case.

Some D/s activities include (but are not limited to):

Cross-dressing, domestic slave (like a maid, etc), various forms of worship (shoes, feet, etc), human furniture, owner/pet, teacher/student, police officer/suspect or parent/childand public humiliation.

The relationship is always a consensual and caring one, but is not always sexual.  Precautions are taken to ensure the health and well being of everyone involved, especially the use of safe words.  Sometimes there are *several* safe words, depending on the severity of the situation.  Green could mean “I’m good, keep going”, Yellow “We should change up before I get hurt” and Red “We need to stop NOW”.

While one dominant may have many submissives, the submissive does not always have multiple dominants.  If they *do* have multiple dominants, it is very rare that it is “at the same time”.  However, you could find a dominant that does public humiliation but doesn’t do owner/pet scenes.  So you’d have to have more than one dominant to get all of your needs met.

Tomorrow I will talk about the last 2 parts of BDSM – SadoMasochism