Today’s topic is Punishment or Torture Bondage.  This is the type of Bondage that is used (mostly) in “50 Shades of Grey”.

With this type of Bondage, the ropes, chains or handcuffs are used to put the submissive into position, either for punishment (a rule has been broken) or for play (you want your subject to be in one fixed position).  Occasionally, the position is one of minimal to considerable pain and any play is used to heighten the pleasure derived from the pain-induced endorphin rush.

When using “pain positions”, the dominant partner needs to be aware of pressure points that cause long term damage, asphyxia and circulation complications.  Complications with circulation can be determined by coldness or tingling in the extremities.  A safe word is used in the case of extreme distress or pain.

Safe words are “impossible” to use when the submissive is unable to speak (due to a ball gag or other items in the mouth).  In that case, a good substitute is to change the safe word out for humming a simple tune.

It is also important that all participants are sober and well-fed (you don’t want your sub fainting during play!).  Also have medical scissors (if you are playing with rope) or keyed alike padlocks (Home Depot has them) or handcuffs so that you can have your submissive released in a hurry.

Come back tomorrow for Film & Meditative  Bondage , plus the whole *point* of Bondage ;)