Dear Diary: A Family Affair Like I’ve Never Experienced

I recently participated in a family affair like I’ve never experienced before. It was amazing and then some. You see, my good friend Andy comes from a close family and they do everything together. He sees his Mama and Aunt Teena damn near daily.

I’ve been keeping my double life a secret from my husband and I suppose what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. When I get the chance, I like to sneak off with Andy and his naughty family. I have a great time, right smack dab in the middle of their family affair.

Before any of this started, Andy and I were just friends. He is always so hot and I always thought to myself how I’d love to fuck a guy like him. It was only a matter of time before I got the chance. Once I met his mom Susan and his Aunt Teena, they made me feel like part of the family. They made jokes about me cheating on my husband and before long that’s exactly what was going to happen.

One day Andy’s mama got a naughty look in her eyes and told me to come over on that Saturday.

I was curious as to what she had planned, so I made it a point to show up. When I got there, Teena and Susan were there already waiting for me. We made up a few drinks went out onto the back porch and enjoyed the show. Andy was out back mowing the lawn with his shirt off. Sweat glistened on his body and I knew he was getting us all turned on.

When he was done Susan asked him to come inside for a drink, to cool off. Soon after Teena and I went in to join them. Susan held his arm and told him he must work out a lot in the garage, as he drank his cold brew. He blushed, as his Aunt Teena and I touched him too. He seemed nervous and his mama said “Why don’t we go upstairs and have a fun family affair? What do you think of that Andy?” He didn’t get a chance to answer because the three of us nudged him up to the bedroom.

I shyly undid his jeans, a bit of fear in me as I did this in front of family, but his big dick made that go away. He was only starting to get hard but he was long and thick. He kicked his jeans and boxers off as I gave his dick a few strokes. It wasn’t long before Susan and Teena had their clothes off. They had some fun with him next, as I took my clothes off and a rush went through me as they pushed him down on the bed. This was going to be the hottest family affair ever!

My pussy got wet as Susan and Aunt Teena played with him, kissing him and jerking his dick up and down.

I climbed on him and straddled Andy, lowering myself onto his dick, as my pussy stretched around him. I slowly began to ride him as Susan and Aunt Teena got themselves ready to satisfy their sexual appetite. My pussy gushed as Susan got on the bed and sat right there on her son’s face.

She faced me so that she could play with my breasts while her son ate her snatch. Before that, she kissed him hard on and deep on the lips. She then straddled his face, smothering him with her pussy. She rocked on him and said, “Lick me, go on, shove your tongue in me hunny.” We watched each other intently, as we rode him. Aunt Teena eagerly fingered herself and got down between Andy’s legs to suck on his full balls.

I fucked him faster, his dick rubbing past my walls and ramming deep in me. My breasts bounced in Susan’s face. Susan groaned as she rocked on him and my pussy tightened as my clit sent sparks through me. I kept going and lost my breath, as I came suddenly, my body shaking on him. I sat on him as Mama’s hips rolled and she threw her head back, cumming silently, but powerfully. We got off him and Aunt Teena looked at Andy lying there all sweaty.

We watched as she grabbed him by the hand and made him get on his knees while she laid down.

She shoved his head down to her pussy and held him there as he ate her juicy pussy, making her groan and cry out. Her back arched off the bed as she shook and after a few minutes she let out a scream and came hard.

She let him go and he moved away from her with pussy juices all over his face. I was in the mood to go again and thought I’d never get enough of him. Now it was Andy’s turn to cum! Let’s just say, he had enough to go around. You’ll have to call to find out those juicy details. In all of 28 years of life, I’ve never had this much fun with any family! Are you looking for a kinky family affair? Call Hanna your incest queen and let’s make a go of it!

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