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I was in the Dean’s office this morning waiting to talk to him. Honestly, I had thought for a moment about what the dean would want. I had been such a good girl at school this year. The dean had something else in mind for us! He would soon give me some dean teen sex.

There I was just letting my mind wonder about what I had done and what I could have gotten in trouble for. That’s when the Dean opened his door and told me to come in and lock the door. There were so many things going through my mind! How could this happen to me being in trouble that is? He had known something I did not! He would give me some hot Dean teen sex.

Dean then told me to come and sit down. I was looking so cute with a pleaded skirt and white t-shirt today. As I sat down I forgot I was not wearing panties today! Honestly, I had been dared by my cheer buddies not to wear panties. Quickly, I had to hurry up and cross my legs. I didn’t want to get in trouble more by not wearing any panties. Quietly, I sat there for a bit when he started to tell me he knew what I did. I asked him what he meant. He told me he knew I was a phone sex slut.

I Was Nervous At First


There were so many things that crossed my mind! He knew I got bad with guys. Was I going to get suspended from school or something like that? I was starting to say something when he told me about how one of my friends told him. He then told me since I was just giving it up to guys that he would want a piece of that too. I was nervous at first, but soon I got into it.  Dean teen sex and get epic!

The Dean then told me how he even knew I wasn’t wearing any panties either so it would be easy access to get into that teen pussy. After that, he told me to come over to his desk and sit right in front of him. He then grabbed hard at my thighs and pulled them far apart. There he was just staring at the smooth pink pussy and clit. This Dean was so freaking hot to me! He then told me to start playing with myself in front of him!

Without hesitation, I began to play with my clit. Rubbing my fingers across my sweet clit. He then pushed his chair back a bit so he could get eye level with my teen pussy hole. As he was there watching and telling me to stick my finger into this wet pussy hole. After that, I then slide my finger right into that wet pussy. There were so many gushing sounds echoing through the room. Dean’s teen sex was getting so naughty!

This Principal Was So Turned On And Wanted That Dean Teen Sex


He then began to take control like a beast and a real man! Suddenly, he just dove right into my clit. He began to lick and suck that teen clit. I thought he was about to start some licking schoolgirl ass and pussy. The more I fingered myself the more of his beast side came out! I wanted that full beast mood Dean to come out for me. This beast was going to destroy my teen pussy I could tell he was. I wanted nothing more in my life right then; other than to take my Dean and let him take out all his stress on my teen pussy.

That’s when he became more aggressive. This Dean pulled up above me while I was still playing with myself. He then pulled his pants down and out popped that huge 14-inch Dean cock. That made me want him more. After that, Dean then grabbed my head and leaned it back. Next, he then got right above my head and plopped his huge cock into my lips. Suddenly, he then drove his cock down my teen throat.

I was going to gag on his cock now. There was nothing I could do but take more of that huge cock down my mouth. I had such a tiny mouth so only half of that huge cock went down I would gag so much. This Dean was so turned on and wanted that dean teen sex. He then grabbed ahold of me and pushed me hard onto his desk. He then lifted my skirt on my ass. Next, he slid his cock up and down this teen’s clit.

This Dean Teen Sex Would Be Twisted!


He then began giving me that Dean teen sex. Driving his cock deep into my teen pussy. He was so big I could feel it in my cervix! This Dean would soon breed this teen pussy! This Dean teen sex would be twisted!

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