DDLG: I’m A Little! And Love To Play With My Daddy However He Wants!

DDLG is daddy dom/little girl. And I have just recently learned that I am a little. It’s all brand new and so exciting! So, why don’t we talk about this a bit more?

Everyone knows I love to roleplay as a teen. Well, it turns out that I am into more than just roleplaying. I love it when my daddy calls me Princess and spanks me. Even though I am not supposed to like the spankings!

I have always known that I was a little different. But, I always thought that I was just a submissive person… turns out that there is more to my submissive nature. When I read a list talking about littles is when I figured out what I really am.

The list told me pretty much everything about myself. Everything from liking stuffed animals and feeling better sleeping with one to needing someone to help make decisions for my everyday life. I have always had problems living like a big girl and need boyfriends to constantly tell me what to do. My last boyfriend did almost everything for me when it came to decisions!

And it turns out DDLG is more than just a sexual thing.

I always thought that life was all about sex but it turns out that it’s much more than that! Daddies protect their littles and treat them like princesses. Which my daddy does. He loves everything about me and punishes me when I am a bad girl.

And let me tell you… I sure do LOVE being punished by my daddy. Hehe! Daddy spanks me and then fucks me hard to make sure I understand that I am being punished.

I’m not supposed to enjoy the spankings or getting fucked hard but that’s okay! I still pretend like I know that I am being punished by daddy. And then he pets me and gives me things like candy and my stuffed unicorn. I love being his little girl.

Daddy protects me, cares for me, treats me like a princess, and makes sure I eat the right things at the right time. He is the best daddy! Unless… you can show me that you are a better daddy for me.

I’ve had a few calls with daddies.

And they seem to be the right kind of daddy for a little like me. I love talking to them and acting like an innocent little teen just for them. And they give me spankings and fuck me too. And I love that kind of stuff.

I have a daddy who calls me that spends time with me and we talk about what I should have for dinner and lunch and my next breakfast. He wants to make sure I get all the nutrition and not just eating junk foods. Since I am a little it gets hard not knowing what to eat. Since we have the pallet of a child. Hehe!

So, he tells me to make things like some stir fry and make sure not to use too much salt or soy sauce. Because that can make my little tummy bloat! But, I digress a bit. He teaches me new things every time he calls me.

He’s even told me to tell my real-life daddy how to be a better daddy. They communicate through me which is fine with me. Daddies need to get along, especially when they share a little girl like me! And I absolutely love having multiple daddies.

Will you be my next daddy?

Show me how to do new things and teach me how to be a good girl. I promise, daddy. Ohhhh, I will be worth your time! I listen to everything and love to be good for you.

I even spank myself when I am bad when you tell me to do it. So, cum on, daddy. What are you waiting for? Your little girl is waiting on you and wants to play right now!

I need your big daddy cock to show me how to be a good girl. And I am craving your daddy cum! I’ll be waiting for you. Fuck me, daddy.

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