DDLG Community Member & Diaper Wearing Brat!

I remember the first time I put on a diaper as an adult. Well….I was 16 at the time and surely I thought I was as grown as I could be. I stole the diaper and put it on, just because. It was so comfortable and made me feel so innocent….like I could get away with anything. And then, of course, a couple of internet searches later and I realized I was at heart, part of the DDLG community. It was perfect for a brat like me.

And I was excited! Being part of the DDLG community meant I could have a Daddy. He’d take care of me, let me wear my diapers, and have my favorite stuffed animal. I’d be his little girl he’d cherish and protect….oh yeah, and fuck like a dirty whore. Everything I’ve wanted!

Now my Daddy can be kind of stern at times. I crave his discipline but I only want it if I deserve it. And I enjoy earning my punishments. Bratty outbursts, tantrums, back-talking, even cursing…Daddy will tell me he doesn’t like it but he really loves it. He secretly craves them because that means his hand meets my ass after my diaper has been pulled down.

In the DDLG community, my Daddy is my owner. Even when I upset him and take a hard fucking or the loss of a favorite stuffed animal, he’s my ultimate protector. He knows every part of my body and takes responsibility for my well-being. Spoiled is an understatement with Daddy! When he comes home, and I’m waiting in the bedroom in my diaper, sucking my thumb, waiting for his touch, he always finds a wet diaper. Cum soaked even, just how he likes.

Throughout the day Daddy likes to call me and make me masturbate for him, he loves the crinkling sound of the diaper while I rub myself. He expects after having the privilege of touching my sweet little pussy for Daddy that I show him just how much cum I made. It feels good to be wanted and looked after. So the DDLG community….is perfect for me!

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