When I was 15 years old, my grandpa hurt his wrist working on some stuff around the house. He needed someone to accompany him to the hospital, so I rode along with him.We got there about 8pm. We had to wait in line for the 100 other people in front of us. It really wasn’t that much but there was a lot.

When we finally got called back, the nurses looked over my grandpa. Got all his vitals and all that good stuff. They told us the doctor would be with us in just a few moments. A few moments passed by and all of a sudden this tall dark headed, sleek, muscular man walked into the room. He had the most stunning deep voice I had ever heard.  My pussy twitched I must have needed a good fuck.

He was a drop dead gorgeous piece of meat I would have loved to sink my teeth into. And damn could he pull off the look of scrubs! Which may I say isn’t that easy for everyone. But let me tell you, just by looking at this amazing bodied of a man, I was day dreaming of him picking me up, slamming me into the wall, and fucking me right there in the hospital.God how I wish we could have public sex right then. Sleeping with a doctor and in a office of a hospital, the thrill of knowing someone could have caught us turns me on by itself. Ha-ha but a 15 year old can dream right?

After my grandpa was patched up we loaded him in the truck and went on our way back home. Besides helping my grandfather out of the truck and back into the house the first thing I did was go to my room and get in my shower. I turned the water to a nice steaming hot temperature and started daydreaming of doctor mcdreamy again. Naturally you can imagine what I did next. Oh what a fond memory that is!


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