It’s Date Night With My Baby I Wanna Give Him The Best Appetizer Ever!

It’s date night with my baby and we’re off to our favorite restaurant and to see a movie. Typically on these types of dates, we sit next to each in our favorite booth and discretely rub all over each other, patiently waiting until we got to the theatre, where the real fun usually happens. But not on this occasion! This time we decided to take advantage of the new tablecloths this particular restaurant decided to switch to, which were long all the down to the floor! The new table clothes gave us the perfect cover for some good ole fashioned cunnilingus and fellatio!!

Hmmm, nothing is better than some good head when and where you’re not supposed to. All we had to do was wait until no one was looking, slide under and act like the other went to the restroom and it was game on!!

Right away, we told the hostess where we wanted to sit, which has been the same booth we’ve sat at for the last 3 years. It’s a booth in the far corner of the restaurant and it’s fairly dark and a prime spot for some intimate privacy. It was almost as if every time we even thought about that booth, we’d both get super excited! Although, not half as excited we got when we realized that the restaurant had recently done a small remodel, which included new table coverings.

Coverings that went all the way down to the ground, offering some great cover should you want to get frisky right then and there!

Almost immediately I was eager to test out our new booth and break it in nice and proper. We ordered our drinks and waited for the coast to be clear…it was then that my baby snuck under the table. Hmmm, and he made a B line right for his favorite little pink pussy. I managed to hike my tight dress up a little, spread my legs and let my man go to town! OMG FUCK the way he explores my eager beaver is something stories are made. Licking, sucking and finger fucking me, my man went at it like a fucking champion. He was relentless with it, going and going, not letting up for nothing.

He could feel my hips quiver and jerk back and forth. Just then, I grabbed the back of his head, in an effort to get him to at least slow down, as our waiter was cumming to bring us our drinks, but to no avail!

I struggled to keep a straight face and not show my agony, as our waiter set our drinks down. He asked politely where my date was and promptly told him that he had gone to the restroom. It was then that he said he’d cum back then to take our order, but I insisted that it would be OK for me to order for my date…I appropriately ordered him some fish! hehe hehe

The moment our waiter stepped away, my pussy exploded with energy and a surge of powerful feeling came over me!

It was so HARD for me to maintain my composure as he made me cum under the table. Once finished, I handed my man a napkin, so that he could clean his face off and tapped him when the opportunity presented itself for him to cum back up to his seat.

Now, it was my turn and in the same way, my man snuck down underneath the table, I did the same! On my knees like a good girl, I pulled his cock out through his zipper and did what I do best! To hear how I sucked on that cock and how I made him cum on date night… call me and I will give you that same pleasure! Call for Free Phone Sex!