Our date turned BiSexual when he dated me but, fucked him.

I never thought a date going BiSexual could get me so wet! Is it possible that one of my WORST dates is also one of my BEST? I had extremely high hopes for our first date. He was super handsome, sweet, and such a gentleman. Our date started out great, we went to eat, and came back to my house to watch a move. My little brother couldn’t seem to get along with our parents so he was living with me at the time. I brought in my date and introduced him to my little brother. We sat down on the couch and were getting all snuggled up under a blanket when my date decided to invite my little brother to watch the movie with us. I thought he was just being sweet. Boy, was I wrong!

All three of us were under a very large blanket. I had my legs laying over his lap and he had his left hand on my thigh. I was so happy! Than, I noticed my dates other hand was also under the blanket. Did he have a hard on for me?! So I got up, and went to my bathroom to freshen up. I snuck into my bedroom to grab my favorite toy, a thick pink vibrator… I was hoping after my brother left to his room that maybe my date would want to get down and dirty! So I was just about back to the living room when I started hearing grunting noises!

I peaked around the corner and saw my date was being fucked by my little brother!

My brother had my date bent over the side of the couch and was ramming his long and thick cock into his tight little ass hole. Was my date Bi? Was my brother?! With every hard thrust of his cock came loud manly grunts. I was shocked! The only thing I could do was keep watching. I noticed my pussy started to tighten, flex, and get more and more wet. My pussy was getting soaked to the BiSexual thoughts I began to have. I was getting extremely aroused by the site of my date getting fucked by my little brother! I kept watching. My date was getting his tight little ass hole pounded by my little brother. Could hear my couch squeak with every thrust of my brother’s cock. I watched as both of their balls were going back and forth as they fucked.

I turned my vibrator on low and put it up my pajama shorts and rubbed the tip of it on my clit. My back arched against the wall as I was fucking myself to the sight of them fucking. I turned the vibrating intensity up two clicks. They heard! They’ve been caught in their BiSexual ways, but. They didn’t care. They both looked back and saw me fucking myself as I was watching them fuck each other raw.

My little brother called me over. Was so fucking wet I didn’t have the slightest thought of turning down his invite.

Walked over to my brother who than gave me a push towards my date. I knudged myself in front of them as I bent over the arm of the couch where my date was. I guided his cock into my tight and soaking wet little pussy as my little brother continued fucking my date’s little ass raw. With every thrust by my little brother, my date’s cock went deeper and deeper into my pussy.
I kept my vibrator on my clit as we continued fucking each other in this three person fuck train. I heard my brother’s grunts get louder and louder. All of a sudden I felt my date squeeze my hips as he pushed his cock as far as it could go inside me. My little brother had just blew his warm load inside my date’s ass. Than before I could even take another breath a rocket of warm cum shot deep inside my little pussy. My pussy was completely filled. My brother removed his cock from my date, whom than removed his cock from my cum filled pussy. The cum started pouring out of my pussy. I grabbed my panties off of the floor, crumpled them up and put them inside my pussy to hold all of the sticky warm cum inside of me.

Right when I turned around my little brother grabbed me by my hair and forced his cum covered dirty cock into my mouth for me to clean it off. I sucked all of my brother’s cum off of his cock and than turned around to clean the cum off my date’s dick. I sat on the floor with my panties stuck inside me, still keeping the warm cum inside of me.

Who knew a date going BiSexual could be so arousing!?

I didn’t know what I was more shocked about. That MY date just got fucked by my BROTHER?! Or the fact that my little brother knew how to fuck so good!

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