I never really was a Star Wars fan.  Well, not until Darth Vader snuck in my room last night.   I woke up to this thing all dressed in black.  With this scary looking face mask and massive cock hanging out of this crazy get up this dude had.  As I opened my mouth to scream, I had no time make a sound.  Darth had taking his huge man toy and shoved it deep in my throat.  Holding it there for what felt like forever.  Making me choke and gag on it to the point I almost puked.   He pulled his cock out with all my slutty mouth juices dripping from it.  Talk about slippery when wet!

Even though my mouth was being completely violated.  I could not help but be extremely turned on.  I love being treated like whore.  Just like Mr. Vader did.   He grabbed me by my hair and forced his cock back down my throat.   Mouth fucking me so deep.   His cock would twitch and pulsate every time my throat tightened it itself around that massive slab of beef!  He kept telling me what a cock sucking little bitch I was.   He told me how he owns be now.  Well, good I thought to myself.  Show my mouth who the fucking boss is!  Then bend me over and show this tight little cunt how a real cock feels.

Who knew getting violated in the middle night and massive cum shots to the face and down my cock sucker would make me so hot and horny.  After this motherfucker blew his load repeatedly.  He just left.  Just got up and walked away.  Leaving me with a dick thirsty pussy and no orgasmic relief.

Spent most of my night fantasizing about Mr. Darth Vader.  Fucking myself over and over again until my pussy started to hurt.  Falling asleep with my fingers inside my juicy little fuck box!