We all have a few dark desires that we dream about, so call unconventional fetish dreams. Today we are gonna going to dive into a dark dreamscape to explore some of these. These are Conversely unconventional and not everyone will want to do them but nothing is wrong with a fantasy or two.

These range in tameness to strangeness but for a little more fun check out my previous work with some detailed roleplay joi.

Unconventional Fetish Dreams: Knife play

unconventional fetish dreams

The first start of our dark dreamscape with our unconventional fetish dreams is knife play. Imagine the feeling of a small blade sliding across your supple flesh. Lighty dancing across your skin. Perfect for slicing off your clothes. Knife play is the ultimate dance between pain and pleasure. Light pressure for teasing but add a little bit more pressure and that blade can bite down into your soft skin.  Drawing out droplets of ruby red blood.  Knife play isn’t for the faint of heat.  It takes trust in your partner to know how far is too far.

Knife play also dances along the lines of blood play. Very obviously because that knife can cut and bite into flesh so easily. As taboo and sexy as the knife and blood play is there is also a reminder here to learn about your partner and stay safe from bloodborne illness and such. Playtime should be safe, consensual and sexy!

Unconventional Fetish Dreams: Supernatural Beings

unconventional fetish dreams

These supernatural being exhibits extreme powers. These fantasies can go from vampires to ghosts anything and everything in between. The main draw to this is the aspect of power, the power over you and you being completely helpless. Let’s talk Vampires first, the draw here is psychic power of a vampire that can get you to agree to let them feast off your blood and energy. Next, we will talk about the Ghost. Imagine the possibility of an unknown force teasing your cock, jerking it nice and slow and then fast never knowing what will come next. Opposite, of ghosts we have Aliens.

Stange creatures that come in the middle of the night. Imagine a strange light peering through your window then the next thing you know your in a strange craft on a table with a bright light on you scared and excited about what will happen to you next. Strange appenages over all your flesh pressing exploring and kneeing.

Unconventional Fetish Dreams: Hair and Fur

Unconventional fetish dreams

This is a pretty uncommon but straightforward. To summarize this, Let’s first touch on the hair fetish first! This is all about long hair and the touch the feel of it wrap around your hand, the smell of the shampoo.  The longer the better, a larger space to rub out a huge glop of hot cum on the hair. By the way, the hair fetish does not just refer to the hair on the head, this can be pubic hair underarm hair and chest hair!

The other side, of this fetish, is fur. A great example would be Chewbacca. Chewy is covered head to toe in fur. Thick fur that you can just dig your fingers in and grip nice and tight. However, there are other choices you can go for, such as werewolves and yetis.

Unconventional Fetish Dreams: Hypnosis and mind control

Unconventional fetish dreams

From subliminal messaging to specialize drugs to influence your choices, this fetish is all about control. However, the level of control is placed upon the person who is hypnotizing. The methods are limitless all you need is just someone who is weak to suggestion and with a little help you can push them over the edge to be your perfect little fuck doll.  As a fuck doll, you can just be bent and told how to perform. You will be taking it in whatever holes that they choose.

Mind control is extremely sexy with the element of consensual non-consensual play. playing up the resistance part of this and finally, sub coming to the means of mind control is just so erotic to me.

Unconventional fetish dreams: the end?

In conclusion, there are HUNDREDS of fetishes out there, as I learn anything can be a fetish and we can always come back and deep dive into more!

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