Dare I say I Encouraged His Foot Fetish?

It’s always fun learning about new fetishes. I found the foot fetish to be more popular than I first expected. My first encounter with it was when my best friend and he boyfriend Ron would come over for game night *yes I do game night!

Ron would always excuse himself and ask to use my bathroom. Sometimes he would be gone for more than ten minutes. I always wondered what he was up to. So I decided to sneak to the bathroom to find out what he was up to. I have an older home, so I took the chance to look through the keyhole and find out what took so long.

Then I saw him sitting on the edge of my tub jacking off with my sock while sniffing the other dirty ones. I was in utter shock, I had no clue Ron had a foot fetish…or a thing for my feet. Why did he sniff my socks and not my friends? Something about watching him furiously beat off turned me on. I would never betray my bestie, but I wanted to make Ron’s experience better!

We just started selling a line of foot fetish toys. I even knew the person in town who made them. I gave him a call and asked if he could make a pair of my feet for someone. A few weeks later and a couple of hundred bucks lighter, they were ready to use!

I couldn’t wait for a game night that week!

Then I tucked my feet under a few pairs of dirty clothing. I pushed a note into the opening at the top of the toy, just a little secret for Ron & me to share. With everything set, I waited for them to come over. I was on pins and needles with excitement! I was starting to worry Ron would never go to the washroom, so I pulled out the big guns and let him get an eye full of my freshly manicured feet. So I told my bestie about how I just had the nails painted a new shade of pink.

I told her how sore my feet get, so getting a manicure and foot rubbed was my way of pampering myself. My friend said that Ron gave the best foot rubs around. I gave him a small smile and said I might need to ask him some time for one!

His eyes were glued to my feet when he suddenly excused himself to the bathroom. I waited a minute and then headed to the bathroom door and watched him find the new foot fetish toys. He pulled out the note and read it in a hushed whisper:

“Ron, I know you have been smelling my sweet feet whenever you come over, I thought I would make it more fun for you! Here is an exact replica of my feet…I even rubbed my feet all over these to make them perfect for you! Let this be our little secret..”

He sniffed the feet and sucked on the toes hard. He pulled out his cock and started to fuck his cock hard. With a smile, I went back to the game with my friend. Ron came back and gave me a wink of approval. Our little secret foot fetish is now our new game night fun!

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