My Daily Creamy Cum Bath

When it came to my creamy cum bath, he was definitely a cum sharer. He loved drowning me in his hot loads, and I loved it much more then him I am sure. When I met him I was just a school girl. He was much older and loved giving me paid chores to do around his property. In the beginning he would watch me, and I am sure most of the chores involved my bending quite on purpose. I found I got paid much more cash, the least amount of clothing I wore. Each weekend I would spend at his stead doing at least a day’s worth of work. At noon he would feed me strange foods, telling me what each item was made of. The history of the food consumption always included some medical fertilization benefit. He would chuckle of course, making it seem like a falsehood, a joke. I knew he was slowly getting me ready for something, something I was unaware of. I had no idea a creamy cum bath was in my future. So, the unknown purpose is what kept me going back each day.

Then the day came when my chores moved suddenly into his home. When I stepped inside his home I was not prepared to feel the way I did. It was dark and impeccably clean. I started to ask what chores could he possibly need me to do when he handed me a drink and stood over me until I drank all of it. Soon the world became black and fell out from under me. When I opened my eyes he was above me stroking his manhood. I could not move nor could I speak. He smiled and told me to not to fear he would never hurt me, but it was time I learned my purpose. He lowered himself upon me and though my most of my senses were not available to me, the one I did have was my sense of feeling. He slowly petted my warm flesh between my legs. My breathing was fast and I felt like I had to pee. As he worked his hands inside my pussy, his cock was rubbing against my frozen lips. I could taste too it seemed, and what was dripping out of the tip of his cock was salty and warm. The more that leaked out, the hungrier I became. As his hands pushed in and out of me making me dizzy and needing more, he explained that the meals he prepared all had his seed mixed in. Slowly over the summer he had made me more of a cum slut that anyone he could have ever hoped for.

Slowly I realized I could move, but the only movement I had wanted was closer to him. The more cum he fed me, the more I needed. He worked my cunt into a squirting mess, I was cumming over and over again. No one had ever made me feel this high before. I was so hungry for his seed. I could remember every plate he ever watched me eat, commenting on the salty aftertaste, and savoring this man’s drippings like none other. Soon he had came all over my body, making me scrape it into my mouth. Drowning me in his liquid and making me beg for more. This creamy cum bath was something I was drenched in voluntarily for days to come. And yet, the thrill of him forcing it on me as a paralyzed victim was a ritual played out each and every time.

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