Daddy’s sleeping lil girl peeks in on daddy again!

Daddy’s door was open just a crack. Quietly I pushed it open and stepped inside his bedroom. “Daddy?” I whispered. The moonlight poured over my handsome father. His chest was bare, a sheet sprawled over his waist. I heard him snoring lightly into the quiet night. Asleep. Maybe I shouldn’t wake him, I thought to myself.

Silently, I moved closer to the bed, my eyes fixed on daddy’s waist. I wanted to badly to see his big thing up close. Slowly I lifted the sheet and exposed daddy’s naked body. There it was! It didn’t look nearly as big as it did earlier in the bathroom. Maybe I had imagined it? Still, it was big enough.

I could not help myself from what I did next. Then I reached down wanting to touch it the way I saw Daddy do to himself. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and slowly, cautiously, stroked it. My eyes widened as it grew right there in my hand! Daddy moaned and shifted his body. I stood still holding my breath. Please don’t wake up Daddy! My little hand continued to stroke Daddy’s hard-on, his shaft much too thick to get my fingers all around.

It grew like a big giant cucumber again, huge like I remembered it, now pointing straight in the air.

The moonlight exposed its throbbing veins, its big angry hard mushroom head, and a bead of wetness at the very tip of it. “Ohhh Daddy I love it!” I whispered so quietly, speaking of his cock. Daddy moaned lightly between snores.

I wanted to be closer to Daddy. Quietly I slipped my robe off from my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Slowly I crawled in the bed, under the sheets. Just as I laid down daddy moaned and shifted again. His big strong arms wrapped around me as his body turned toward my backside. Daddy pulled me close. I held my breath and went still.

Did I wake daddy?? Relieved, I heard his rhythmic breathing and light snore. Daddy was still asleep, I smiled to myself as I realized his shifting had pulled me into spooning position with him. I felt that big rock hard bat pushed against my bum. “MMmmm,” I moaned silently to myself, feeling so good, all of that wetness and tingling between my thighs coming back stronger than ever. I knew I shouldn’t be here, doing this, taking advantage of my sleeping Daddy.

Want to cuddle me, Daddy?

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