I’m a bad girl and daddy’s punishment fits the crime.

Daddy’s punishment is always too rough for me. I almost always get away with being a bad girl, and he doesn’t like it when I play with my pussy without telling him, or without asking for permission.. He loves to take control of that and really make me his, he calls it his pussy. I’m his little doll, his baby girl, and he keeps tabs on me through text.. but I’m the world’s worst texter, and he gets extra mad when I don’t reply! The biggest problem is he likes to tease and tempt me, sending little dirty pictures and egging me on to play with myself, but not giving me permission. So sometimes, I get away with playing with myself a little and cumming HARD.. but the harder I cum, the harder it is to cover it up! I get wet so easily! and sometimes when I do get away with it, he catches on to something else I did after, and makes up for all the times he knows I’ve really been bad.

He has a pretty big cock.. not the longest, but pretty thick, and he knows that’s what I love and hate the most. The length might be too long to fit, butt the width can be forced in to make it hurt! Daddy’s punishment always involves his cock. If I’m a good girl, I can be his little doll and dress up for him, he’ll play with my pussy and make me cum with his tongue.. He’ll spoil me, and even reward me by letting me suck his cock and swallow. It’s my treat.. but when he wants to punish me, it’s the only time he ever fucks me. I’m not allowed to play with dildos, only bullet vibrators, so I never take anything but his cock, and I stay super tight for him when he wants to be mean. Daddy makes it rough, fast, and hard, and I cold be sore for days after! He’ll grab my ass and spank it harder than I can take, grabbing me by the hips and forcing me to take it all over and over again. I can hardly take it sometimes, but he makes sure to remind me, it’s his pussy to punish.

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali