Daddy’s Princess Is Always Ready To Get Naughty

I have always been Daddy’s Princess. It gets me so wet and turned on to know that I can make my Daddy cum anytime I want! I know just how he likes it and just how to make my Daddy’s cock throb and ache for me!

Ever since I was a little girl Daddy always called me his little Princess and I always did what I could to please him. When I got a little older…pleasing him got a lot more fun!

I remember those amazing nights, waiting in my room, rubbing my little pussy just waiting for Daddy to come and play with me. He would sneak into my room and come stand next to my bed with only his boxers on. I was a good girl. I knew what Daddy wanted. So Daddy’s Princess would slide his boxers down and see his huge cock pointing right at my face. Then I would stroke it, kiss it, suck it…just how Daddy taught me to.

Being Daddy’s Princess meant that I knew exactly how my daddy liked his cock sucked and fucked. I was such a good little girl and always did what was asked of me. Anything my Daddy wanted, he got.

My body and all of its virgin holes were his for the taking.

Daddy loved to make me suck his cock and then beg him to fuck me. I would beg and plead with my Daddy, “please Daddy, please fuck me. I want to be Daddy’s Princess..his little cum whore. And when he couldn’t hold back any longer he would stuff my tiny cunt with his huge cock until he filled me with his cum.

Being Daddy’s Princess meant no limits, no questions. Daddy can have me anyway and anywhere he wants.

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