We didn’t know that I would soon become Daddy’s new escort! Daddy found out my secret last night and now he knows I’m not his sweet, innocent little girl anymore. Oh well, he had to learn the truth sometime and it ended up happening in such perfect way. Mommy found out Daddy’s been having an affair, so she kicked him out and he went to a hotel for a few days. Daddy can’t go more than a day without sex and I guess his mistress was busy because he called the escort agency I work for. The type of girl he had in mind matched my description, which makes me think he’s been wanting me for a while, so I went over there for the night. Little did I know that I was about to become Daddy’s new escort!  

Like I said, I didn’t know I was about to become Daddy’s new escort, until he opened that hotel door. I was so shocked to see him, but it quickly passed when I realized he was standing there naked and with a hard-on. However, I can assure you that he was even more stunned. I looked at it and he tried to cover himself up. He got all embarrassed, as he asked what I was doing there. I pushed him back into the room and kicked the door shut behind me. “Don’t you want me, Daddy?” I asked and put my hands on his shoulders, making him kneel in front of me. I then lifted up my skirt and told him to take my panties off using only his teeth. His teeth scraped me, as he tugged them down and he looked up at me. He paused and I made it clear that he was going to listen to me, otherwise, there would be consequences. I looked at him and said, “Don’t worry I love being Daddy’s new escort!” 

I took my top and bra off, then hooked my leg over his shoulder, rubbing my pussy over his mouth.

“Make me nice and juicy, Daddy!” I said, as he held my thighs and his tongue licked over my lips then wiggled into me. I got so wet as he licked me, I’d been wanting him to do this to me for ages, but never thought it would happen. Now, as Daddy’s new escort I knew this is going to be the beginning of something hot, incestual and steamy! Anyway, Daddy moaned and it felt good against me and I took my leg off him. “Having fun, Daddy?” I asked and played with his dick using my foot. I pressed my toes into his balls, digging in harder until he winced then I stopped. So I moved my foot lower and gave him a little kick, making him move away from me. “I bet Mom wishes she could give your balls a kick huh?!?!” I said and did it again, harder this time. Then I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him to his feet. My drying pussy juices were all over his face and I slapped him hard. “God, you just love pussy don’t you? No wonder Mom kicked you out!” I dragged him to the bed and straddled his face. “You’re not going to stop until I cum all over your fucking face Daddy!” I straddled his face and braced myself on the headboard and I could feel his lips on mine. 

His tongue slipped in and licked over my walls in long strokes, going faster until my pussy was gushing.

I’d never been so wet before; Daddy was really good at eating pussy. I rode his face as I played with my tits, Daddy was driving me crazy. Daddy’s tongue licked and rubbed it, until I was making all kinds of noises. My body tensed up as I started to cum and I practically smothered him, as I shoved my pussy down on him; I just didn’t want him to stop. My pussy felt so wet and I kinda felt bad about not giving Daddy’s dick any attention, but I figured he’d hire me again tomorrow night, so I’d suck him off then. I laid beside him for a few minutes then got out of bed, so I could get dressed. “Can’t you stay a bit longer?” he asked. I said well only for more money Daddy, your baby girl has to earn a living! In no time, my clothes were back off and…..well to hear exactly what I did to daddy, you’re going to have to call me! Want me to be “Daddy’s new escort” for you? Love Daddy daughter roleplays? Then call me and I will satisfy for need for incest!

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