DADDY!!! She caught us! The screams that will forever echo through your head as you plow your shaft deep inside of my tight young barely legal little body. Seeing her standing there, her hands on her hips.

What do you do?

Do you keep going? Knowing just how mad, it’s going to make her? Do you jump up and blame that sweet little daughter of yours laying so perfectly on the bed as you drill her? Or do you conspire with your daughter to show that pesky wife of yours, what a real woman lets you do with them? Laying there her legs gracefully spread about you as you make up your mind.

Too late!

As you watch me quickly scurry out from under you, grabbing the closest thing I could find, those hot pink little panties you watched me strip out of just a few hours before. Grabbing her and thrusting her against the door as you watch. Waiting, wondering what’s about to happen. Before you know what’s going on you see her sitting in the chair next to the bed. Bound, naked, wondering what exactly is going on.

You now understand it all comes together for you in a big clear picture right in front of your very own eyes. It’s time you finally get what you have always dreamt of. As you watch me slinking towards you, the definition of sexy. Sinking to my knees before you as you hear her crying, begging and pleading with you to stop this. Her cries only making you harder as you feel me reaching out to touch you. My soft, young hand wrapping around your aching shaft as she begs you to stop.

What do you do? Do you make me stop? Or… Do you continue, showing your wife what it is that you truly need? What it is that you need and desire with each passing day. Toss her aside and show her who is the boss. Daddy’s little princess is in charge now.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke