Daddy’s Little Girl is in Big Trouble

I got on my knees as I was told. Daddy had a sinister look in his eye as he placed the ring gag in my mouth over my teeth. I was nervous, but daddy’s little girl needs to pay up.

He unzipped his pants and said “Are you going to be a good slut and pay back your debts?”

With my jaw split apart, only “Uh huh.” could escape my mouth. I watched with my eyes crossed as he slid his semi-hard penis into the hole in my face and down my throat. I have never been able to take my fathers whole cock before. He grabbed two handfuls of my hair and started thrusting harder and harder. I wanted to please daddy so I took it.

He pulled me onto my feet so he could lick the tears and sweat off my moist skin.

“Come over here, on your back” he said as he dragged me to the coffee table. My head was hanging off the edge while he bound my arms, thighs and feet to the legs of the table.

Daddy started to rub my exposed clit with the juice flowing out of my aching cunt.

“You like being my sex toy? You dirty slut.” He got out his riding crop and smacked my clit: SWAT, SWAT, SWAT!

“Ahh! AHH! OOO!” I gasped as pleasure rippled down from my pussy to my toes. I could barely stand it!

“You’re a lucky girl, you know? Other girls have to work to pay for school. You love using daddy’s money, don’t you bitch?” He started dragging his soft, warm ball sack across my face. I hungrily stuck my tongue out to lick them.

“I want you to swallow this dick Eliza.” My father growled and shoved his 9 inch shaft down my throat.

“Mmmh!” Is all I could manage to say as I started to choke.

Suddenly, we both heard a creak on the floor boards. Daddy pulled out and turned around. My brother, Derek, had been watching us from the stairs. His cock was rock hard and it oozed pre-cum as he stroked his meat.

My dad gave a hearty chuckle and beckoned him over to us. I wondered if Derek was going to get the same punishment as me.

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