Daddy’s little cumslut: It’s time that your anal dreams become MY reality!

Daddy’s little cumslut is who I’ve always wanted to be. You’re my Master and I want to serve you in any and every way possible. However, this isn’t just another submissive phone sex fantasy, hell no! Now, we’re finally, really doing it! I’m wearing the special panties you chose for me, which are open along most of the length of my slit. I pose to show you just how the shimmery white silk accentuates my puffy cunt lips and gives you full access to your little girl’s sex. You rub your cock, still inside your pants as I put on my slutty show.

Finally, you’ve had enough. Grabbing my hair, you pull me back. Then you bite my neck, murmuring in my ear that I should get on my back and in position to be examined. You tell me to raise my legs, then proceed to spank me hard on my round buttcheeks before pulling my panties off to see your naked, shaved fuckslut.

Sitting back down, you command me to spread my thighs wide, then display myself to you. My fingers graze my pussy lips, then part them, allowing my fingertips to slip along the silky, wet folds of my tingling cunt.

Lifting that hand to my mouth, I taste the delicious juices beginning to lubricate my sweet, young sex.

You instruct me to bring my hand back down and spread my puffy lips wide. I’m getting distracted, but this is Daddy’s time. You want to see my most intimate flesh as it becomes engorged and slick from deep within my tiny hole.

As you lean forward to get a closer look, on eye level with my clit, I can feel the heat of your intense gaze upon me. Being so closely examined like this only arouses me more, and my dominant Daddy knows it. I squirm with desire as you describe what you see and what you’d like to do to me without actually touching me.

Suddenly, I feel your warm breath on my mound. Predictably, my clit twitches in response. Because I got distracted and allowed my pussy lips to close, you correct me by pinching the flesh firmly and tugging hard. After squealing in startled surprise, I hurriedly grip each lip with my fingers and spread myself as open as I possibly can. In turn, this makes me even more slippery!

I wish these were your hands opening me wide, but you’re focusing on inspecting Daddy’s little cumslut.

Nonetheless, I can’t stop myself from begging for your touch. A finger, a tongue, anything! Lifting my hips, my body begs for contact. Finally, you reward me with teasingly licking my pink inner flesh while purposely avoiding my swollen, aching clit. Unable to control myself, I whimper and pant in needful pleasure.

You abruptly stop stroking in order to examine me more closely. Noticing that my juicy clit is becoming fully engorged, you smile in satisfaction. After all, you are well aware of your power over me and make a point of enjoying that power whenever you can.  Next, you slap my sensitive vulva. The sting only makes the lubrication flow and begins to drip from the entrance of my cunt.

Laughing quietly, you’re pleased with your slut’s reaction to Daddy’s discipline.

Before I can catch my breath, you grab my inner thigh with one hand. With the other hand, you forcefully shove two of your thick fingers deep into my cunt. The stretching of my vaginal walls causes me to cry out as you reach up to slap my titties repeatedly. Then you suck my clitty between your teeth, making me writhe as you rapidly flick it with your tongue. Panting and about to lose control, I beg you for permission to cum.

Daddy’s Little Cumslut: You release my clit just long enough to growl, “Cum for me, little girl!”

Obediently, I orgasm hard and repeatedly with your fingers pounding my spasming pussy and your mouth devouring me.  I am always so sensitive after climax, but you keep your fingers inside to feel every muscle contraction. Licking up my pussy cream, you nibble and stroke, preparing me for whatever you have planned next.

Gently removing your drenched fingers, you feed me, reminding me to lick them completely clean like a good girl. I obey, ravenous for my Daddy despite just having cum explosively. Running your wet fingers over my nipples as you kiss me deeply, my cunt throbs as I realize we’re tasting me together!

After a few minutes of kissing and stroking my skin as I come down, you tell daddy’s little cumslut to flip over onto her knees. Sliding a pillow underneath my head, you have me turn my head to the side. My delicate flesh breaks out in goosebumps as you inform me that it’s time to examine the pretty ass that Daddy owns. Anticipation mixed with a tiny bit of fear, I push my bottom further upward, offering my vulnerable backdoor to you.

Although you’ve talked with me about your need to finally use my other hole, I’m still a little nervous about my first time. Because you gave me a set of anal training plugs, I’ve been preparing my ass for you. Doing exactly as instructed each day, I documented my ass training progress with photos to show you. Tonight, this will be the first time anyone has taken me back there.

You’re my Daddy, and I want YOU to fuck my ass for the first time. Please, Sir?

Massaging lube into my tight little butthole as I kneel for you, you slide the largest plug into my ass. As you slowly work it in and out in circular motions, I do my best to stay still. While petting me lovingly, you explain what you have to do next. This feels so different with my Daddy doing it, and so my cunt begins to lubricate all over again!

After removing the butt plug, you gradually work one finger into my puckered fuckhole. It feels incredible, and so different from the ass trainer plugs! Your slow thrusts make me groan while you remind me that you’re preparing daddy’s little cumslut for his huge cock.

I’m scared, but also throbbing with the need to please you. Oh please pop your fuckdoll’s anal cherry NOW, Daddy?

Moving carefully but by no means being lenient, you begin by gradually working your cock into my bald, slick cunt. I’m so tight that I can’t help but squeeze around your rigid shaft, which forces you to push harder to stay inside me. As you stroke steadily and deeply in and out of my quivering pussy, you soon add a second finger to my ass. It’s my first double penetration and it feels awesome!

I want so badly to feel your cumjuice exploding in my cunt! However, you remind me that all Daddies must eventually take their girls’ anal virginity in order for them to become true fuckdolls. Because you always explain what you plan to do when you’re training me, I understand that I must obey if I wish to officially become your very own babygirl.

Pulling your big cock from my soaked pussy, you carefully ease your swollen cockhead past the tight ring of muscle.

Although it hurts, I can’t resist pushing back against you as I gasp and moan loudly, wordlessly begging you to take me. As you get a few inches inside, I cry out as the sensations start to overwhelm me.

While urging me to submit, you rub my clit rhythmically, reminding me that I’m your sweet babygirl who wants nothing more than to please her Daddy. As your cock stretches and fills my asshole fully, it feels SO right. More than anything in the world, I -need- Daddy’s potent seed in all of my holes, and that includes my ass!

Thrusting one last time, as deeply as you can, you explode into your babygirl’s ravaged, sore asshole. As I cum too, I scream “Daddy!!!” as I collapse beneath you. Your body falls onto mine, your weight comfortingly holding me down as you whisper into my ear:

“Angel, you are my fucktoy, my cumslut, my babygirl … MINE.”

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