Daddy’s Lil Princess

Slipping into my daddy’s bed dressed in only my moist pink panties.
I know it is wrong daddy and I should not be lovers.
But it feels so good and right, and the urges take me over.
Slipping beneath the blankets and I snuggle close pressing my tits into his back.
“Daddy take me” I whisper to daddy in his ear reaching to stroke his cock.
“I need you inside of me, daddy…please daddy fuck me.”

Fifteen is not a little girl and still not a woman but a daddy.
I will always be his little girl, his little special girl, daddy’s lil princess.
“Come on daddy, mommy is gone and I know you want to play.
”Finally daddy rolled over to face me cupping my small tit with his large hand.
His cock was already rock hard and pointing to the ceiling already oozing his sweet pre-cum.

With one hand daddy raised my arms over my head.

And with the other pulling down my soaking panties.
I am parting my thin muscled thighs with his hips getting in a perfect position.
The slit he loves is so wet and tight far tighter than mommy ever was.
As daddy’s long shaft slips inside me, I love hearing him moaning of my name.
Harder and deeper daddy thrusts his cock inside my slippery slit.
Telling me to scream out fuck my pussy daddy.
Gripping my hair and pulling my head back I moan and scream.
I felt daddy’s teeth biting down on my nipples pulling at them lightly.
My small hips thrust into daddy’s grinding my clit against my daddy’s body.
When I felt his fingers caress my swollen clit I screamed out again.
”Yes daddy, right there daddy fuck my pussy daddy.
”With five more powerful thrusts, daddy lets out a long moan grunting my name.
Daddy’s body still tenses as I feel his cum filling me to the brim.
I can feel our cum mixing together as we hold on another kissing deeply.
Dripping from my slit making a small pool beneath us.
Daddy’s cock slowly began shrinking and falling from my slit.
After a few long moments, our heaving breaths start to slow.
Breaking our kiss he gazed down at me with loving eyes.
My father, my daddy, my lover.
His large hand cups my soft little cheek and whispers.
“I love you, honey, you will always be daddy’s lil princess.”

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