Daddy’s Latex Princess!

Daddy always calls me his little princess and he often gives me presents like dresses for me to wear only for him. The last present he gave me was a little different, it was a black latex catsuit. He said he loved me so much and it would make him happy if I were his latex princess tonight. I can never say no to Daddy so I told him to wait for me in the bedroom while I got changed.

     When I came out of the master bathroom I found Daddy sitting on the end of the bed. He looked up as his eyes glazed over my body. I knew I looked good; the latex showed off my curves perfectly. I went over to him and he pulled me onto his lap. He told me I looked beautiful and put his hand on my thigh. He ran his fingers over me, feeling the slick tautness of the catsuit, and swallowed hard. I put my hand in his lap; he was so hard for me already! Daddy held me for a while as he kept touching me and telling me how hot I looked. I passed the time by slowly stroking his dick, taking my time, and letting him enjoy the feel of me.

     I got up and stood in front of Daddy, leaning over him and putting my hands on his shoulders. My tits were in his face and I could feel the latex stretching tightly over them. He put his face between them and nuzzled me as I said “Daddy, do you want to fuck me?”

I felt him nod and pulled away from him. I reached down to my pussy, grabbed the zipper, and opened the catsuit only wide enough to be fucked. Daddy stared at my bare white pussy surrounded by latex and I grabbed his hand, pushing his index finger inside me. “Feel how wet I am for you?” I said, as I let him give me a few strokes then pushed him onto his back. I straddled him and lowered myself down, stopping when I felt his head rub against my pussy. I rocked my hips back and forth teasing his head as pre-cum smeared on me.

“Please baby,” he said and tried to pull me down on him. I resisted until he was moaning and begging me then I quickly impaled myself on Daddy’s dick. He went in deep and his fingers rubbed my latex-covered thighs as I began to ride him. It didn’t take long for him to cum but he stayed in me, letting me fuck myself on him until I came too. The noises he made as I rode his sensitive dick were so hot, I was already thinking about our next round.

     I climbed off Daddy and laid down beside him, snuggling close. He stroked my arm as I told him “I love my new outfit, Daddy, I’ll wear it for you whenever you want.” He gave me a kiss on the forehead and asked me to keep it on for the rest of the night.

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