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It is my first weekend coming home from college. I have been gone for just over two months and I have missed my daddy so much! The two of us have always been inseparable up until I moved away for school. Mommy has always been jealous of how close the two of us are and even more so now that I am older. She knows that my daddy thinks of me when he jacks off. He can’t resist my toned body and sexy curves. I’ve been fantasizing about him too lately. I know that this weekend I will finally take my daddy’s hot load inside of me!

All I had to do was wait for one of my mom’s tantrums. Her jealousy often overpowers her and she will leave to her bedroom pretty early in the night. I made it my goal to push up the time it took her to leave us alone. So, from the minute I walked in the front door, I ran straight into my daddy’s arms. His warm embrace and the smell of his cologne already had me excited. Then, after a quick kiss to my mom’s cheek, we all sat down for dinner.

Seducing Daddy

I sat across from my daddy and avoided all eye contact with my jealous mom. As we began eating, I started to tease daddy underneath the table. My high heels trailed up his calves and to his thighs. Though he tried to hide his obvious mood, my mommy knew something was up. It wasn’t until his whole body jolted as I pressed into the crotch of his jeans when my mom finally had enough. She quietly picked up her plate and left the room. Finally, she was out of the picture for the night.

Daddy and I finished up our plates, while the whole time I teased his cock under the table. I could feel him growing harder the more I pressed up against him. His cock was throbbing but his face concerned me. He was unsure of the thought of fucking his daughter even though he had dreamed of it for so many years. I crept off to my room to put on the perfect skimpy outfit to seduce my daddy. I came out into the living room to join him only wearing one of his big t-shirts and a pair of lacy red panties.

These panties will be dripping daddy’s hot load soon enough!

I crawled right up next to him and started to nuzzle into his chest. When he tried to scoot away from me, I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him right back in. My daddy was becoming much more resistant than I had thought he would be. So I decided to push a little harder. I started to kiss on his neck and rub on his chest. He wanted to push me off but he knew it was too good to let go. Then I started to straddle his hips. I placed myself on top of him and began grinding my panties on his lap.

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I felt daddy’s monster cock start to grow harder and harder and I knew I had to have daddy’s hot load inside of me soon! His hands made their way up my shirt and to my B Cup breasts. He started to massage them and kiss me while I moved my hips back and forth. Soon enough he couldn’t resist me any longer. Then he slid my shirt off the top of me and pulled my panties down my thighs. I was laying on the couch fully naked and ready to embrace my daddy’s touch.

He stripped himself and joined me again. Our bodies fit so perfectly in this intimate moment as they always have before. His kisses down my neck made me squirm and shake. When he stopped at my pussy, I wanted nothing more than daddy’s hot load anywhere in or on my body.

He licked and sucked on my juicy little clit better than any man before him. I craved my daddy’s cock and cum more than anything in the world. Daddy whispered to me that he was ready to cum and asked me where he should put daddy’s hot load. I begged for his release to be inside of me. Finally, I felt his balls release into my tight college pussy. His hot load dripped from my pussy to my ass and I told him to stay inside of me for as long as he could bear it. I didn’t want daddy’s cock to ever leave me. I knew I would crave daddy’s hot load many more times!

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