I’m a Daddy’s girl, through and through. I loved being spoiled by Daddy, but sometimes I can turn into a bratty teen, and that’s when he has to discipline me. I never really mind it, I know he has my best interest but lately him and I have been getting into something a bit more unusual. Daddy is turning me into his perfect house pet, and I love it.

It all started one day as a joke, as he calls me kitten sometimes. I was being my usual self and demanded I have a glass a milk with some cookies to watch out favorite movie. I guess I acted too bitchy since I got on his nervous, but since he adores me he walked to the kitchen and started pouring me some ice cold milk. When he came out of the kitchen I expected a glass, but instead he brought a bowl.

“Drink from it.”

He said. I thought he was joking but he placed it on the floor. I giggled and did what he said. I drank from the bowl, and him taking control of me was the sexiest thing we’ve ever done. From there it has become our favorite role play, and I even spend days walking on all fours. Now I have a collar, and I can only wear lingerie while wearing my cat ears.

The best part of all is when Daddy fucks. YES! Even then we continue the role play.  I purr and meow from as he takes me however he wants to. I love from him to fuck me from behind, especially if I am wearing my cute butt plug tail. He tugs on it as he buries his cock deep inside my tight cunny and all I can do is meow.

Let me be your perfect pet.

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