Daddy’s Girl: the Angel, Aurora

I hear the doorknob to my bedroom door turn and look at the clock. It’s 5 o’clock. Daddy is home. He struts into the room as his little angel (me) lay on the bed, scribbling away in my journal. “Aurora, have you finished your homework?” he questions. I look at the stack of books still in my book bag and reply, “No Daddy… I haven’t…” I shutter at the thought of disappointing daddy. I am daddy’s girl. He looks at me with a stern expression and states, “Now, Aurora, you told me yesterday that you were going to be a good girl for me. Did you not?” I look up at him and bat my eyelashes innocently. “Daddy, we can’t all be good ALL the time,” I retort.

As soon as the words leave my mouth Daddy pulls out a big black painted wooden paddle and swiftly whips my ass all in one swoop. I gasp and smile at the same time in surprised satisfaction. Daddy sees the smile on my face and immediately spanks me with the paddle again and right when the wood meets my perky round ass, I feel my pussy juices start to flow. I lock eyes with Daddy for a second or two and then my eyes start to wonder… they wonder down to his quite obvious erection. His thick, long cock puts on a show for me through his pleated khaki pants. Daddy sits down on my bed and orders me to lay across his lap, with my newly blossomed B cups on his erection. “Do you want to please your Daddy, Aurora?” he inquires. “Yes, more than anything.” daddy’s girl replied with complete honesty and admiration. Daddy lifts up my pink knee-length skirt and shoves two fingers up my ass. I screech in over exhilarated pleasure. Daddy’s fingers always feel so good inside me… I can feel my pussy starting to drip as daddy’s other hand makes its way to my oasis of a cunt.

Call me to hear more about what happened with Daddy..incest phone sex 😉