Always a bad girl, sometimes a daddy’s girl.

A daddy’s girl. That’s what most people always called me when I was little. My father believed in corporal punishment, so as a child I would get spankings. I don’t know why he finally stopped, but around the age of 12, he just did. When I was 14 years old, I started ditching school and sneaking to the mall. I was quickly turning into a bad girl again. This went on for about a month. I was able to sidestep any of the teacher notes and phone calls about me skipping school. Eventually, it caught up to me. They reached my dad at home one afternoon, while I was talking to some college boys near Old Navy at the mall. I looked up from sipping my drink and saw my furious Father walking straight towards me!

I knew by the look on his face I was in big fucking trouble.

“Kali, young lady, you march your ass to the car right now,” he growled. The boys I had been talking to scattered. He just growled at their cowardly asses running away. I picked up my purse and walked calmly and slowly with my head held high through the mall. Once in the car, I just gave him the silent treatment. He gave it right back to me, but I could see the veins popping out of his neck. When we arrived home, I went straight into my bedroom. Just like the old days, he came in with his belt in his hand. I hadn’t been good lately, so my old daddy’s girl antics wouldn’t convince him at all. “You’re failing school, you’re skipping classes, and you’re hanging around college kids? What the fuck, Kali?” He was losing control.

“I have let you go too long without punishment! Drop your pants and bend over your bed, NOW!” I just looked at him blankly. He stood there all masculine and furious. Part of me was frightened by his anger, and another part of me, that savage instinctual part, caused me to quiver all over. I stood up and looked him straight in the eye, mustering the same genetic boldness, and temper. “Are you seriously going to whip me my bare ass?” I asked with a steady tone, which was fake as hell. His voice broke just a little and then his jaw clenched as he looked at my body. “Kali, drop your fucking pants,” he yelled. I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them to the floor before I stepped away.

I was standing before him in my little cotton panties.

Not knowing what to do next, I just hooked my thumbs in those and pulled those down. It was nervewracking to stand up and show him my tiny little bush with my slit peaking through. I dropped my eyes to the floor, turned, and bent over the bed on all fours. His breath quickened. Suddenly, there was a hard lash against my ass. Jerking, I gasped but my pussy clenched like I had never felt before. Again, the lash slashed across my raw bottom. There it was again, that weird little pulse in my pussy that made me get dripping wet. Unfortunately, my dad saw it too. He dropped the belt and I heard his zipper. Then his hand was in my hair, pulling my head towards him and causing me to arch my back.

His fingers were stroking my pussy and I felt him slide one inside me. He stopped about halfway in. It was so tight around him that I struggled a little, and he groaned. “That’s a good daddy’s girl. Baby, you’re still a virgin.” Suddenly I felt something else against me. It was the head of his dick. He was so hard and pushing against me. When he finally got it to enter, it split me in two. It hurt so bad, like a searing hot pain, then just as suddenly it started feeling amazing. The stroking was causing something to build inside me. The more he pumped me, the more I felt I would explode. Then I did! It was all a blur of hot, wet liquid gushing out of me and soaking his dick. As soon as he felt it, he slammed into me harder.

I could feel his cock pumping, and even more hot cum exploding inside me deep. It felt amazing to feel it.. and Daddy quickly made a habit of cumming inside me, quickly turning into plenty of more impregnation sex stories. His fun had just gotten started. After all, he’d had a little slut right under his nose for all those years. Why not take advantage of a little ageplay phone sex? Come find out how naughty this little girl can really get for you, too.

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