When I Became Daddy’s Girl: Part 2

A week had gone back since he stuck his hand down my shorts in my own living room. I was still thinking about it. The warmth of his hand and exactly how he used it. He knew just where to touch me to make me fall into him. I was outside his the door of his apartment in the city and I thought about turning around. I thought about turning back and pretending he didn’t make me the offer he did, about becoming Daddy’s girl to him…. but the door opened and he was standing there still in his clothes from the office. He pulled me in and we headed straight in the direction of his bedroom. He wasn’t kidding.

When we got there he pulled me close to him by the back of my hair and said “It’s time to be a good girl for Daddy.” Somehow he knew I loved it rough. I loved his assertion toward me and the desire to take care of me and make me his. He let go of me and told me to get on the bed. He ran his hand up my leg feeling my smooth skin and ended between my legs, pulling my panties off, feeling how wet I already was, all from him.

He pulled me up onto him and had me sit on his lap. He just held me and stroked my hair, massaging and feeling my body, all I could do was moan in pleasure and hold him close. Our mutual attraction was so big there were no need for words as he made me feel secure and safe. He laid me down on the bed again and left. While he was gone I took it upon my self to become completely naked for him.

When he came back he had handcuffs and a vibrator, the cord hanging down by his feet, and a huge smile at my outfit change.

He plugged it in and grabbed my hands and attached them together. “Open your legs like a good girl.” I spread them as wide as I could and I heard the vibrator turn on but I kept my eyes shut. “Open your eyes and look at me Victoria. Your Daddy’s girl now.” He marveled at my pussy that I realized he’d never seen. He came so close to it with his mouth and just inhaled my scent. The vibrator was still on and coming closer to me. About an inch from my pussy, never breaking eye contact, he turned the vibrator to the highest setting and….

This is where you tell me how this fantasy ends…come on don’t be shy! Am I an obedient Daddy’s girl, or do I become the brat he never expected?

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