When I Became Daddy’s Girl: Part 1

“Victoria, you’re such a sweet, young, caring girl. One I couldn’t help to keep all to myself.” My dad’s friend told me. I just turned 18 and he must have been feeling this way for a while now. I’d be lying if I weren’t thinking the same of him. He was such a man, his hands so strong and veiny, his body built and sculpted. The salt and pepper hair perfectly combed and slicked made him that much hotter. I want to be his daddy’s girl.

We were at home by ourselves and he stopped by to check out my dad’s computer. He was really advanced in stuff like that and I just watched as he continued working. I didn’t know what to say to him except for “You know…you’re old enough to be my, I don’t know, Dad.” He laughed and I followed shortly after. “That’s the point, Victoria. I want you to be Daddy’s girl. My girl. I’ve watched you grow up and I’m not blind to the guys you’ve called your boyfriend. I know you have a naughty little side, your Dad talks to me all the time about it.” I was shocked, I knew I was blessed with good genes and had no problem snagging a guy, but was I that slutty that even my workaholic dad noticed?

I want you to be Daddy’s girl

“Victoria, I want to take care of you. I see how sad you get when one of those assholes dumps you and I could never make you feel that way.” And I asked him, already knowing that I wanted that, and from him no doubt, “Then how can you make me feel?”

He flashed me a smile that was ravenous and thrilling. He stood up, and I stood up too, I was ready to go to my room with him and lock the door. When he got to me he grabbed me close to him and stuck his hand down my pants. My thin panties were no match for his hand and he immediately found my bare skin and pressed his finger into my clit. I fell into him and he cupped my ass with his other hand and caught me. I tried to push back from him but he held me closer and spanked me on my tight, firm ass, I let out a yelp. “You going to be a good girl for me?” He asked as he pushed his fingers inside me. “Open your mouth for Daddy.”

I did nothing but obey and moan as I felt his thick fingers sliding in and out of me.

He drew me into his mouth and his tongue explored mine. I could feel his hard cock against me and he reached down and started unbuttoning.

Finally, I was going to see what I secretly fantasized about since I was a little girl. I was always curious about his cock. But today I wasn’t going to get to see it. We heard the garage door open and we immediately separated and pulled ourselves back together. I fixe my hair and shorts and he pulled me back into him. “We’re not finished yet, I’m gonna make you a true daddy’s girl in my own space. I’ll call you, be ready baby girl. Now go upstairs and finish yourself off while you think about me” He said grabbing my chin.

He gave me one more hard spank and let me go and I ran upstairs, ready to come, all for him. If he could make me feel so aroused with just one hand, imagine what I would I feel when I had the rest of him. And I will, just like Daddy’s good girl.

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