The Day I Truly Became Daddys Girl

After breakfast, ‘ Daddys Girl ‘ and Daddy went to the living room. We plopped down on the couch, and I turned on the Netflix movie we’d decided on last night. He was sitting on the far end of the long couch, and I was laying out, my feet in his lap. I was really enjoying the beginning of the movie, when Daddy started rubbing my feet. Moaning loudly, I wiggled my foot and I felt something strangely hard under my foot, in the front of his pajama pants.

It throbbed every time I moaned during the movie, while Daddy was rubbing my feet. “Daddy, what’s that under my foot, it’s so hard!” I asked, still paying attention to the TV. I heard him groan, so I sat up, pausing the movie and looking at him questioningly.

That’s when he reached over and wrapped his hands around my small waist and pulled me into his lap, having me straddle him. The hard bulge was pressing into my panties, directly at the apex of my thighs. I moved my hips a little, trying to get comfortable. Daddy groaned again.

Finally, losing his composure, he sat me on the couch next to him. He got off the couch and knelt between my legs, slipping my little pink panties off.

“What are you doing daddy?” I asked, confused.

“Shhhh…I just want to show you something baby girl,” he said, tossing my panties aside. He spread my legs wide, and to my utter shock, started lightly using the tips of his tongue to touch my little pink pussy. I didn’t know quite what he was doing, but it felt so good and I moaned loudly.

Daddy started licking my pussy harder, tasting and touching every part of my feminine parts, licking all my lady parts between my thighs. It was amazing, and I could feel how wet my pussy area was getting.

Then, he stood up suddenly, picking me up in his arms and setting me gently on our carpeted living room floor. He knelt between my thighs again, and the next thing I feel is something hot and hard pressed against my pussy hole.

That day I became Daddys Girl, and he still reminds me that I’m his little girl whenever I need him to.

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