Daddy’s girl didn’t visit on Halloween

I was too busy working, both at the bar and of course, phone boning with my fellas! Didn’t have any time to visit my parents for the weekend and attend the tons of costume parties I was invited to there. I was disappointed. My daddy always enjoys the big reveal on what my costume is going to be. Last year I dressed up as Daddy’s girl, complete with knee socks and pigtails! That was before we had our first daddy/daughter incest experience together. Fate? Premonition? 

This year I decided I would come home the weekend AFTER Halloween, and show my Daddy my costume from this year. It was SO fucking hot that Daddy’s girl just couldn’t resist showing it off to him! It was a sexy Little Red Riding Hood costume, complete with long red hooded clock. I bet when Daddy sees me?

He wants to rip that red clock right off of my hot body and ravish dirty little Red! =)

I knew no one would be home in the middle of the day. My mom is a spoiled rich bitch trophy wife, so she was out with her friends, drinking expensive expresso and maxing out Daddy’s credit cards. I would be ALL alone with Daddy when he came home from lunch! He didn’t even know his little girl was coming home to visit! I told he and mom I had to work all weekend, to make the surprise that much better when he walked into his home office and saw me there, in my dirty little dress up outfit!

I dressed in front of the mirror, taking my time to admire every curve, assess the fit of the black and red corset beneath the flowing red cape. Perfect, I decided. Even had my basket – Red WAS on her way to take Grandma some treats! However, I sort of doubt that her basket was full of flavored lubricants and sex toys! (Then again, you just never know about families nowadays, do you?

If Daddy’s girl is having incest taboo fun with him, maybe Little Red decided grandma needed a little family fun too!)

I put on my knee length black boots, which laced up the front. A good bit of my black fishnet thigh high stockings were visible above the tops, showing of my black garter belt and black boyshorts that matched the corset.I grabbed my basket of goodies for my Daddy, and headed downstairs to his office. He should be home for lunch any minute – I can’t wait for the big bad wolf to see the sexy morsel just waiting to be eaten all up! I positioned myself provocatively on his desk, hood on my red cape pulled up around my face, but the rest of it pulled back, fanning around me as I stretched out on his desk.

When he walked in, one sexy boot was resting on his desk – the other was dangling towards the ground,  my legs spread open just enough for him to see my sexy lacy black boyshorts.

Daddy’s girl LOVED the look on his face – it was classic! His jaw literally dropped, and he just stared at me; eyes moving slowly over me. Taking in every detail, every inch of his little girl in her sexy outfit; dressed up just for him. I smiled wickedly and tossed him a pair headband with a pair of furry ears attached. He looked confused for a moment, so..

I winked at him and whispered “I’m Little Red Riding Hood, Daddy. You get to be the BIG Bad Wolf!”

 He smiled, indulging his little girl by putting on his ears and growling roughly as he approached. He snatched me up into his arms and squeezed my body tightly against his. Then he licked his lips as he suddenly felt my gentle hand moving over that huge, hard bulge in his pants. I exclaimed in my sexy riding hood voice “Why Grandma! What a BIG hard cock you have!”  He played along with me. Daddy always WAS a sucker for my little games! “All the better to FUCK you with, my dear!”  With that, he shoved me down onto his desk and started tickling me all over, making me squeal and giggle and protest – DADDYYYYY!” 

We had SO much fun that day!

Your Favorite Daddy’s Girl,

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