Daddy’s Girl – I Think My Daddy Was Watching Me

I’m a Daddy’s girl. A spoiled little brat. Everyone knows that! But my Daddy is probably one of the ONLY men in my family that I haven’t fucked. Something happened the other day though, that made me wonder if maybe he’s fantasized about pounding his little Princess after all!

I was staying at my mom and dad’s house while I was in town. After all, I AM Daddy’s girl – My room at home is exactly the same as I left it when I moved out! My mom wanted to turn it into some kind of bored rich lady meditation room or something, but my Daddy wouldn’t let her! I always have a place to come home to.

It was afternoon. Around lunchtime I guess, and as usual, I was just waking up.

I’d been visiting with friends in my hometown, and we’d stayed out partying until the sun came up this morning. I yawned, stretched, and listened to the quiet of the house. I could tell no one was home. Smiled, liking the idea of having the whole house to myself. I decided to take a bath in the huge garden tub in the bathroom adjoining my parent’s room. It was huge, and I loved the newly remodeled bathroom.

I ran myself a super hot tub of water and undressed slowly. I loved for the water to be almost unbearably hot. The whirlpool jets pounding that steaming hot water into my aching muscles would beat the soreness out of them and  relax me. I stepped into the tub and eased myself into the hot water. I started the jets and let out a long, satisfied sigh as the water started massaging my body all over. Then I ran my hands down my stomach to my pussy. There was a jet of water pulsing against it and the sexual tension was unbearable! I spread my pussy lips and wiggled my hips a little closer so it could hit my clit more directly. Daddy’s girl was being so bad!

Getting off in his bathtub while he was hard at work.

I was whimpering, moaning, and playing with my pussy while the steams of hot water splashed against it. All of the sudden I hear a noise outside the door. I froze, listening for the noise to be repeated. Nothing. Went back to focusing on my slick little pussy and making myself cum with that pulsing jet of water! I was splashing and breathing heavily, but I could swear that I heard someone ELSE panting too! I didn’t stop, but I re-positioned myself so that I could see the doorway. Could swear there was a shadow there. The shadow of someone standing in the hallway! My brother was away at school, and my mom was at work. My dad came home for lunch sometimes, but surely he wouldn’t be standing in the hallway watching his baby girl get herself off – would he?

I found that the thought was making me want to cum even MORE than before! If my Daddy WAS outside that door watching, I wanted him to enjoy what he saw! I started sliding my fingers in and out of my juicy little snatch, moaning and gasping as I got closer and closer to orgasm. I was still watching the shadow. Was it… moving? I imagined my Daddy standing there with his pants open, his hard cock in his hand; pumping it as he watched his little girl work her pussy right to the edge of orgasm. The thought pushed me over the edge, and lost in the moment.

I moaned and whimpered “Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy!” over and over as my pussy gushed and I came!

I got out of the tub, dried off, and dashed downstairs to see if my Daddy was in the house. I was all alone. Had he been in the house? When he comes home from work tonight, I will look him straight in the eye. Then I’ll know.

Was it Daddy’s girl’s imagination? 
Call me and find out. PhoneSex!