Daddy’s friend taught me well about penetration

I always loved the attention from daddy’s friends but I was needing some penetration. Unfortunately, most of his friends had daughters my age and were too afraid to give me a try. I used to walk around in my tiny little bikini by the pool as they would watch me and try to hide their arousal from my dad. I knew their cocks were rock hard for this little body but one friend, in particular, Jeremy, was willing to go the extra mile for me.

Daddy was out of town and asked Jeremy to come over to clean our pool. Of course, I knew this and made sure I was laying out all wet in my white bikini when he arrived. He started to clean the pool at first but I noticed him smiling and staring at me rather than really doing any work.

“That bikini looks good Blake, but I can see right through it…”

I asked him if that bothered him. He just snickered and continued to clean debris from the pool. I removed the top of the bikini and laughed as I jumped in.

“Now you can see more than you could before!”

I looked up to see his cock standing hard in attention in his pants. Maybe this guy would give me the penetration my young pussy craved? I told him he should come in and join me and he immediately jumped in.

He then grabbed me and lifted me up telling me I should remove the rest of my suit. He set me on the edge of the pool and pulled my bikini bottoms to the side as he stared at my pussy and then started licking it! I had never had anyone lick me like this before, let alone dig their face in my hot spot! He then took two fingers and used them in my little hole as he tongued me. I exploded immediately all over his face and he grunted with pleasure. He then lifted me up and carried me inside the house.

When we got to my room he told me to relax and that he was going to use his cock on me. He asked me if I had any experience with penetration. I told him I had used different household objects such as a hair brush and a cucumber. He smiled and told me to get ready for the real thing. He spread open my legs and started teasing the entrance of my pussy. Then he shoved his dick deep in me and started pumping me hard. It didn’t take very long at all for my small little cunt to come hard on his cock! He then exploded all over me. He really showed me what it means to take dick!


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