Daddy’s Dirty Little Girl

Daddy’s Dirty Little Girl phone sex – I  make it feel real. Have you ever fantasized about having a sexy young daughter? Being Daddy’s Dirty Little Girl is one of my favorite taboo role plays. I love imaging that I am your young sweet daughter who is horny and curious about her Daddy’s big hard cock.

One of my favorite scenes is when Mom has gone out of town. You are in your bed and I get lonely. I crawl into your big bed and cuddle up to you. My young warm skin feels good against your body. You know you shouldn’t feel horny but you do. You can feel my breath on your neck. My little fingers explore your chest, then your stomach. I put my tiny leg over your leg. You can feel my warm panties against your thigh. You know you should tell me to stop but you don’t.

My small hand reaches down and feels for your big cock. My Daddy’s cock. “Do you like when I do this, Daddy?” I move my hand up and down the shaft.

You are holding your breath, and then you whisper, “Yes Sara, but you shouldn’t be touching it. ” “Daddy, I won’t tell.”

I crawl on top of your chest. You feel my little warm pussy through my panties. “Is this really happening?” you are thinking.

I take your cock in my hands and stroke it. I lick the tip. “Daddy, It’s getting bigger!”

“Would you put it in your mouth, Sara?” You ask.

“Yes, Daddy,” I say and  I put it in my tiny mouth. You put your big hands on my little ass.

Your cock is rock hard in my mouth. Where do you want to cum, Daddy?

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