Daddy’s dirty little girl is what Chase loves to be!

Daddy’s dirty little girl is something I have always loved being. I love it when I have a daddy who spoils me! I love to wear my little boots for daddy he loves it too. It makes his cock throb and get hard! He likes it when I wrap my pretty little mouth around it and suck on it like a lollipop. *Giggle…. Sometimes Daddy’s Dirty little girl makes sucks to much and makes daddy cum in my mouth, but that’s ok because I love the salty sweet cream daddy gives me!

I love it when he calls me Daddy’s dirty little girl! I also love daddy’s special kitty kisses it feels so good when daddy kisses me down there. It makes me wet! First time it happened I thought I had peed myself but like a good daddy he assured me that I hadn’t and that’s what big girls do when they enjoy special kitty kisses from daddy!

First time daddy stuck his cock in my pretty little pink kitty it hurt a lot ,but then just like daddy said it would , it started to feel really good. I hate that I can only be Daddy’s dirty little girl when mommy’s away but daddy said she wouldn’t understand and that she would get jealous.

Luckily for mommy is gone a lot with her friends or on a business trip so I get to be Daddy’s dirty little girl a lot *giggle…

Daddy just told me to put on my pretty little boots for him, I know what that means, time to be Daddy’s dirty little girl! Mmmmm I moan as daddy takes his big hard cock and slides it right into my pretty little wet kitty. It feels so good as he slides it in and out I feel myself about to explode all of my daddy’s cock…

Wanna hear as my juices explode all over?

Come be my daddy and listen to me…

Your dirty little girl

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