Daddy’s Dirty Little Girl  wants to touch his big hard cock

Daddy’s Dirty Little Girl is a curious kid and she loves her Daddy. One of my favorite role play is being Daddy’s Little Girl. I love playing Little Sara waking up early in the morning to pee, and then deciding to crawl into Daddy’s big bed.

It is so cozy next to his big warm body. Mommy is away so why not sleep with Daddy? Sara moves in closer to her Dad’s body. She brushes her leg against his. She puts her head on his shoulder careful not to wake him. She loves how her Daddy smells. She listens to him breathe. She runs her fingers down his chest under the covers.

Her Daddy has a nice muscular body. She likes how hard it feels. Her Daddy is the most handsome man she has ever seen! Her tiny fingers go down his stomach, and then she notices her Daddy is naked! She is curious so she moves her fingers down lower till she feels his cock. It feels hard even though he is asleep.

Sara puts her tiny hand around it and softly moves up and down. She slides down the bed under the covers so she can see his big cock. Sara is so surprised to see how big it is!

She gets closer to his cock and she decides to touch it with her tongue. It is so enticing- the smooth big head looks just like a mushroom to her! She licks the shaft and his cock touches and he moves his leg. She puts the head in her mouth and moves it around when her father starts to groan.

Before Sara took her Father’s cock out of her mouth, He ejaculated a huge load into his daughter’s mouth! Sara was shocked. What is this warm sticky substance?

She crawls out of the comforter and sees her Daddy looking at her horrified. “Sara did I just cum in your mouth?!”

Sara opened her mouth and showed it to him. Before he could tell her to spit it out, Little Sara swallowed the big load. Her Daddy will never forget the day his little girl swallowed his cum!

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