Daddys dirty girl

“Suck my cock bitch!” I started moving my hands to grasp his long shaft. But before I could, Daddy had hold of my wrists and was squeezing them tight, lifting my hands up above my head. I hate when Daddy gets drunk. He always forces me to suck his cock. If I am lucky, he will cum quick, and he will not fuck me this time. When he drinks, he forgets that I am his daughter. Not his ex-wife. I love to be Daddys dirty girl. I have always had Daddy Fantasies. But HATE when he thinks I am Moma. And as I have gotten older, I look more and more like Moma.

“No, use your mouth cunt.” I lifted my head and looked him in the eyes. But there was nothing there but an intense stare that seemed to penetrate me. Daddy thrust his hips forward and forced his dick between my lips. Immediately I started to gag as he forced the head of his cock to the back of my throat. He had my hands tight in his grasp and pulled me toward him, driving his prick ever deeper in his mouth.

“Come on slut, make me cum!”

I couldn’t help, but cough and choke as Daddy’s thick member filled me. I could feel the tears streaking down my cheeks as he started fucking my face. And I could also feel the saliva trailing off my lips as his dick slid in and out of my gaping mouth.

“Come on slut, do something!” I felt him squeeze my wrists tighter as he kept driving my mouth down on his cock. I tried desperately swallow him, sucking on his rampant member.

Again, and again my mouth slid over the length of Daddy’s shaft. My jaws were aching as he kept pumping his prick into my mouth. I’d never felt so ashamed.

“You’d better make sure to swallow all my cum slut, you wouldn’t want it dripping on your suit.” Daddy’s cock kept ramming into the back of my throat, battering my mouth with each thrust. My jaws were spread wide as he kept forcing himself deep. I couldn’t think, the thought of his cum on my jacket had never occurred to me, everybody would know.

“Come on slut, suck on me, make me cum!”

I could feel Daddy’s cock throbbing as he fucked my mouth, I was shocked when he started cumming. I immediately began to gag as the thick sperm filled my mouth. It seemed like it would never stop. I tried to pull off his dick, but Daddy held me firm as his dick kept pumping cum into my throat.

“That’s it cunt!” My throat was involuntarily convulsing on Daddy’s cock as I desperately tried to swallow the copious load of cum. My chest was heaving as I gasped, I could feel the thick gelatinous sperm draining into my belly as Daddy kept pumping his dick slowly in my mouth.

I was surprised when Daddy pulled his prick free from my lips and let go of my hands. I almost tumbled to the floor as I lost my balance. There was nothing I could do but swallow the cum in my mouth. Without a doubt, I felt sick as I licked my lips clean of the gooey sperm. Of course, I love being Daddys dirty girl but hate when he thinks I am my mom.

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